With this microphone from Trust you will feel professional without spending too much

Articulating boom and microphone kit at a great price

Trust Onyx GXT 255+

There are many microphones for streamers on the market, but for a perfect setup, what is really needed in many cases is an articulated arm that allows the microphone to be placed at the right height and avoid absorbing the shocks that can be produced on the table. These arms are accessories that can be purchased separately, however, not all microphones are ready to be attached, so it is not so easy to find a configuration that combines compatibility and a good price.

Luckily Trust has been encouraged to launch a very complete solution that allows users interested in improving the quality of broadcasting in terms of sound, and for this it has presented the ONYX GXT 255+. This product is a complete pack with which users will have very easy to get the best sound.

Microphone designed for streamers

Trust Onyx GXT 255+

The microphone included in this GXT 255+ It is cardioid, so it is designed for live broadcasts, personal recordings and podcasts, as it focuses the sound pickup in the front area, avoiding noise pollution from external sounds. To improve the recording, we can adjust the gain with the built-in dial, as well as a mute button that will illuminate a red ring to indicate that no sound is being captured.

And it is that this color ring will be the one that offers the touch of personalization, since we can choose from a total of 6 colors when customizing the chromatic touch that will attract attention in the stream.

An arm in search of comfort

Trust Onyx GXT 255+

The articulated arm has an adjustable C-shaped clamp that will be responsible for holding the equipment on the table. The arm itself includes two USB ports, one in which we will connect the microphone itself with the included type C cable, and another will be free to connect any USB device that is convenient, such as a USB headset, although the microphone itself has 3.5mm headphone output to monitor sound without any delay.

How much does it cost?

The new Trust ONEX GXT255 + will be priced at 199.99 euros, and will hit stores next September, just in time to improve your setup for the next season of your Twitch channel.

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