With this offer it is difficult not to buy an Xbox Series S

Microsoft released two models in this last generation of consoles to offer two very different and very similar proposals at the same time. His intentions? Obviously cover the two poles of the market, the demanding public that requires great potential and the public that is looking for the best possible budget without depriving themselves of making the leap to the new generation. For the latter it was Xbox Series Sand with this offer it is impossible not to convince those who remain pending.

Xbox Series S with 10% discount

The offer we find today on Amazon is the best the console has had since its launch. By €269you can get the smallest new generation console on the market, capable of offering you games at 120 FPS and with almost non-existent loading times thanks to the presence of the internal SSD.

Its compact design will immediately surprise you, as it is hard to believe that such a small console (compared to PS5 and Xbox Series X) can offer the experience of the last generation. It is also an incredibly quiet console, so you can keep it in sight without noise problems if it is something that particularly worries you.

The combo with Xbox Game Pass

combine a Xbox Series S with Xbox Game Pass It is usually a pack that immediately falls in love with all buyers. Enjoying such an extensive catalog with a fixed price per month is a concept that has completely revolutionized the video game sector, and there are many players who bet on Xbox to be able to enjoy this subscription modality.

If you are interested in the game, on Amazon you will also find a promotion with which you can buy an Xbox Series S and a 3-month subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (includes Xbox Live Gold, PC Game Pass and access to Xbox Cloud Gaming) with an 8% discount.

For this price, who buys a Switch?

Xbox Series X review

Making it clear that the Nintendo Switch offers a different gaming experience, simplifying things to buy a console, it is difficult to defend the idea of ​​buying a Nintendo Switch with the current one price of this Xbox Series S. With native resolution at 1440p, up to 120 FPS in various games, Raytracing, variable refresh rate and video playback in 4K format (yes, you will be able to watch Netflix in 4K from the console), the Xbox Series S is one of the best current proposals on the market of consoles, and it is something that is being clearly demonstrated by the sales numbers that it is accumulating in recent months.

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