With this program you can configure your mouse as you want

Many are the users who, when buying a mouse, take into account if it includes an application from the manufacturer to configure the mouse buttons to perform certain functions, open applications or allow us to modify the color and operation of the lights. if it has them, in addition to, obviously, modifying the sensitivity of the mouse and, in some models, even creating macros for games.

However, they don’t allow us to configure all the buttons with the actions we really need, instead we are forced to rely on a list of functions limited to what the manufacturer wants. Some manufacturers do allow us to expand the number of options through keyboard shortcuts, however, configuring them to work is not always easy. If we are looking for a program to configure the mouse as we really want, without depending on the manufacturer’s application or if it does not have its own, the application we need is X-Mouse Button.

Configure any mouse button with X-Mouse Button Control

X-Mouse Button Control is an application that works with any mouse, regardless of its manufacturer and even if it doesn’t have its own application to manage its operation. With this application, we can customize the operation of any photo that our mouse has. When we say, any, we mean each and every button.

X-Mouse Button Control

As soon as you open the application, it will recognize all the buttons that we can customize on the mouse. If we are not very clear about which button we should customize, we just have to click on it so that it lights up. Next, click on the drop-down box that is located just to the right of the mouse and select the action we want to do. Some of the unusual options that we can configure in each of our mouse buttons with this application with:

  • Copy and paste text or images
  • Enable search box
  • Set a keyboard shortcut
  • switch between desktops
  • Scroll app windows up, down, right, or left
  • Activate low power mode, screen saver
  • Take a screenshot
  • Increase or decrease brightness and volume
  • Open task manager
  • Execute the action of the Esc or Enter key
  • Change playback track
  • open any app

In addition, it allows us to create different profiles for certain situations. This function allows us to create a specific profile for when we are enjoying our favorite video games and another for when we are working or studying. It also allows us to modify the operation of the mouse wheel, including the possibility of inverting its operation.

X-Mouse Button Control

X-Mouse Button Control is a completely free available for download from the following link, an application that is also available in spanish, although not natively, since we have to access the configuration options of the application to change it. It is compatible starting with Windows 7 and works without any problems with Windows 11. For the application to modify the behavior of the mouse, it must be open in the background, something that is not a problem since the consumption of resources it does is minimum.

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