With this program you can create your own personalized Windows 11

Microsoft offers us different versions of Windows, Home, Pro, Business and Education mainly. All these versions are installed roughly in the same way, however, not all have the same customization options, the Home version being the most basic of all. If we want to install only what is strictly necessary on our PC and we don’t want it to fill up with garbage with applications and files that we know we won’t need, we can do it thanks to the NTLite application.

NTLite is an application with which we can create installation USB drives for both Windows 10 and Windows 11, customizing all the content that we really want to install so that the installation is as clean and fast as possible. This application is compatible from Windows XP and we can also use it to install Windows 11.

What can we do with NTLite

Next, we show you some of the main features that NTLite makes available to us, an application with which we will be able to create ISO images installation for computers with low performance, eliminating content that we are not interested in being available and, incidentally, including updates, language packs, and Service Packs, an ideal function especially on computers where we want to install old operating systems.

In addition, it also allows us to directly add the drivers that we know we are going to need to avoid having to depend on the internet to configure the equipment, eliminating the rest of the drivers that generally take up a lot of space and that, on that equipment, we are not interested in having. available.

We can also optimize the operation of the computer where we are going to install Windows directly from the installation, it includes support for unattended installation, so that it will not be necessary to be sitting in front of the computer to confirm the different windows that are displayed during the process.

As if that were not enough, we can also add the applications that we want to be installed together with Windows, in order to reduce the time necessary to wait until the equipment is ready to work, without having to go through the application installation process, a process that, generally, tends to be very long, especially if we have to download the internet applications.

We can download and use NTLite from free form, although with some limitations. If we want to get the most out of this tool, we will have to pass by cashier and pay the 40 euros that the Home version costs, 90 euros for the Professional version or 250 euros for the most complete version of all the Business, although with the Home version, we have more than enough. The application is available in Spanish, so the language will not be a problem to interact with it.

The function supports Windows Xp It is available through this other website and unlike the commercial version, this one is completely free. This version is only in English, although no matter how low our knowledge of Shakespeare’s language may be, we can quickly get hold of it.

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