With this program you will be sure of not having viruses in the RAM

The virus, or rather, malware in general (be they Trojans, spyware, ransomware, unwanted software, etc.) they are an increasingly worrisome problem. We are increasingly connected to the Internet, and hackers are constantly looking for ways to get hold of our data and infect all kinds of computer systems for their own benefit (or just for fun). Although we have an antivirus installed on the PC, none of them protects us absolutely 100% from the threats that are hidden in the network. And it is not feasible to install two or more antivirus on the same computer. So how can we be sure that we are not infected?

Basic tips to avoid viruses

First of all, if we want to complicate the work of hackers and protect our security when we are connected to the Internet, it is necessary follow basic safety rules. For example, very important, it is necessary have our computer updated forever. Both the operating system and the browser and all the programs that we have installed and use often. Any possible security breach can be enough to be able to attack us, and, therefore, it is essential to be protected.

Apart from that, it is also important have a good antivirus that protects us in real time from possible threats that may reach the PC. This antivirus must be known, and receive frequent updates with new databases. And, not least, use the cloud to improve protection.

Lastly, we must always use common sense. Where more threats hide are in the websites of illegal downloads. But threats can also reach us through advertisements, social networks, or mail. It is very important to keep an eye on all this to avoid having problems.

Check that nothing has been sneaked in with Process Explorer

No matter how careful we are, we always have the possibility that a threat will end up sneaking into our PC. And, depending on the type of threat it is, we may not even be aware of its existence. So how can we realize it?

Microsoft has a number of advanced programs for administrators systems that are much more complete alternatives to the tools that Windows offers as standard. One of these programs is Process Explorer. This is an alternative to the classic Windows task manager with which we can see much more information about all the processes that are running on our PC.

Among all its features and functions, one that catches our attention is that of analyzing the processes with Virus Total. Process Explorer sends to the servers of this platform (created in Spain, and bought by Google) the hashes of the processes that we have in execution to be able to check if they are trustworthy, or may be hiding a threat.

Each process will be analyzed with more than 70 different antivirus, and we will be able to know at the moment if any of them are dangerous and hide malware, or if they are all legit. If we click on the result, we can go to the web to see the analysis in more detail.

In this way, although it is a manual process, we can be sure that, under no circumstances, a virus is doing its thing on our PC.

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