With this SSD you can give a second life to your old laptop

You may have a old laptop that you no longer use because it works excessively slow, and you may think that it is not worth investing any money in it. However, in this article we are going to tell you how for very little money you can give him a new life and get back to using it with fairly decent performance just by installing the SSD What are we going to recommend?

Many times we have told you that installing an SSD to a computer that has a conventional mechanical hard drive is the best update that can be done, since the performance of the PC or laptop is greatly accelerated. It’s not just that the computer will boot much faster, but everything you do will work better and much more smoothly simply thanks to the SSD.

Kingston A400, a cheap SSD to renew your laptop

As mentioned, swapping the hard drive for an SSD in an old laptop will give it a new lease of life easily, even if the laptop is so old that it doesn’t even use a SATA 3 interface (don’t worry about that, since the SATA interface is backward compatible and even if the laptop is SATA 2 you can install a SATA 3 SSD without problems).

This Kingston A400 that we recommend would be the best choice to give an old laptop a new life. Why? Because although it is not the fastest 2.5″ SSD on the market (not even close), it is the cheapest model and from a manufacturer with guarantees. It will allow you to easily and cheaply give your laptop more capacity and faster speed for very little money, since for example the 120 GB model has a price of around €25, while (the most recommended under our view) the 480 GB model costs just €45.

Obviously there are better options, but definitely not that cheap, and this is precisely what makes it the ideal choice for an older laptop that you don’t want to spend too much money on. Only with this SSD will you be able to make a laptop that was “pedaling” work decently and that simply turning it on will not take forever, since compared to a conventional hard drive you will be multiplying the speed by at least 4.

The Kingston A400 offers speeds up to 500MB/s read and, depending on the chosen capacity, up to 450 MB/s of writing (the 120 GB model has 320 MB/s of writing, the 240 GB 350 MB/s, and the rest already offer up to 450 MB/s of speed of writing). This, compared to the mere 100 MB/s speed offered by 2.5-inch mechanical hard drives (which is probably less if we are talking about an old laptop), will make you notice it much faster and with a performance that good enough to make you want to use it again.

In addition, you will not have to worry too much about durability since despite being a cheap SSD, it has 1 million MTBF hours of useful life and even the smallest and cheapest model, the 120 GB, has up to 40TBW of durability (The model we recommend, the 480 GB, has 160 TBW).

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