With this trick, Windows 11 will not give more problems when changing the cursor

There are several elements in the form of peripherals that are part of our computer, including the mouse. In fact, for the majority and for years working with their computers without this device is practically unthinkable.

Precisely for all this in many occasions it is advisable to spend a little more money on this element due to its widespread use. Once we install it on our computer, usually via USB, on certain occasions we will have to configure it. The operating system itself puts at our disposal a series of functions and characteristics that will be very helpful in these tasks for the use of the mouse. Similarly and depending on the complexity of the device, sometimes we have to use the software provided by its manufacturer.

This is something that becomes especially evident when we find mice that have multiple buttons in addition to the additional ones. All these changes will not be extremely useful when it comes to get the most out of this hardware component. But as it happens in most cases in Windows, not all its customization features refer to the functional aspect of the system. We also find many others that allow us to adapt the appearance of this to our needs or taste. This is something we want to talk about right now related to the mouse that we are talking about.

Specifically, we want to focus on the possibility of change default mouse cursor for another. This is something that we can carry out easily from the Control Panel of Windows 11. However, in the new Microsoft operating system some flaws are being detected in this regard.

Windows 11 error when changing mouse cursor

And it is that many users are presenting complaints when changing the mouse cursor and putting any other, for example, downloaded from the internet. The problem of all this is given because at the moment in which restart the computer, the operating system itself re-establishes the cursor that originally came by default. Obviously this is not the objective of the change, but we want the new decorative element to be maintained over time.

That is why below we are going to give you a useful solution to fix this fault at the moment included in the operating system itself. On many occasions we tend to download these elements in the form of cursors and then integrate them into the system and use them by default. However, we usually do save to any location on your hard drive, hence precisely the failure.

Therefore, what we must do is use a specific path of the hard disk where we will store the new pointers downloaded we want to establish. Whether it is a single element of this type of several, so that Windows 11 does not change it when restarting, we first open the file explorer. Next, we go to the following disk path:


In this way, what we really achieve is that the cursors copied on this path and set as new, they will no longer be removed when the PC is restarted. As you can imagine, this will not be helpful to modify this element whenever we want, and without fail.

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