With this trick, Windows folders will open instantly

The Windows file explorer is the gateway to access the files hosted on the computer, both to the files that we create and to the files that are part of the system. Most of them are hidden or protected so that the user cannot make changes that affect the performance of the equipment and could jeopardize its operation. However, on certain occasions, we can see how the explorer does not open the folders as quickly as we would like.

If we want to improve the operation of the file explorer so that it opens faster, especially when it comes to old computers or with storage units that are not SSDs, we just have to use the trick that we show you below.

Open folders faster in Windows

One of the precepts that consumes the most resources in the file explorer is the preview, a feature that displays a thumbnail of the files in a folder. If we want to improve the performance of the browser so that it opens faster, we must deactivate this functionality. To disable the browser preview so that the folders open faster, we must do it through the Windows registry from the Windows search box using the term “regedit” without the quotes and we go to the folder


Next, double-click on the record NoReadingPane and in Value information, we change the 0 (zero) to 1. Click on Ok and we restart the equipment for the changes to take effect on the computer.

Other methods to improve browser performance

If, in addition, we also want improve performance general of Windows explorer, we can do it by following some of the tips that we show you below.

Close background processes

We should not confuse background processes with background applications, although they are related. Background processes, such as downloading content from the Internet, exporting a video, or any other activity that consume computer resources they affect the performance of other processes such as the file explorer. If the application is not performing any processing and we just have it open, the number of team resources that the team has available is much larger.

restart browser

If we do not have any applications open in the background and the explorer is very slow, it is most likely due to some problem with the solution, a problem located in memory, so the solution is to restart the file explorer from the administrator task (Ctrl+Shift+Esc) The file explorer is located in the section processes. To close it we just have to select it and with the right mouse button select the restart option.

Delete recently opened files

Windows Explorer has a feature that may not be useful for everyone, especially users who don’t usually work with documents. Since, once created, we are not interested in hearing from them again. Microsoft is aware of the use that each user makes of their PC and allows you to deactivate this function that, by not having to compensate for which files have been opened recurrently, reduces the time needed by the computer to start up. This option is found within the file explorer options, specifically within the tab General > Privacy.

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