With this trick you can download YouTube videos, and you only need Telegram!

The instant messaging application Telegram, constantly seeks to differentiate itself from its competitors by implementing new functions that make it stand out and acquire new users, since currently the application that leads the Mexican market is WhatsApp.

One of the characteristics that has made Telegram is the possibility of integrating bots directly into the platform which help to automate certain functions, these robots are applications created by people outside of Telegram so they are not installed on the device.

Currently, there is a lots of botsFrom those that notify you when there is a new episode of a series, to others that tell you the lyrics of your favorite songs, as well as alerts when someone uploads a new video to YouTube, among others. It is enough to know the command that this bot requires to be able to activate it.

Telegram contains a list of bots that allow download Youtube videos so that you no longer have to enter applications or websites that can even damage your device.

Video Tube Bot

VideoTubeBot is a bot that allows you to download videos from VK, Vimeo and Youtube. To activate this bot, simply enter the following URL, open your chat and paste the URL of the YouTube video that you want to download, then the “robot” will begin to generate the file for download.

Upload URL

The activation method of this bot is different from the previous one, in this you have to go to the UploadURL page to be provided with the link to the telegram chat of the most current version, one of the advantages of this robot is that it can download even up to 1.5 GB video, unlike others, while the operation is the same.

Once you have a chat with this bot, just paste the URL of the video you want to download from Youtube and it will start generating the download, it will even ask you in what quality you want to download the video.

YouTube Audio Bot

What makes this bot different is that it allows us download the audio of a video, It also allows us to choose the format in which we can save it on our device, it will show us how long it lasts and also how many megabytes it weighs, to activate it click here


If you want to download videos, in general, from the Internet and other social networks, the indicated bot is Youtube DL, which allows you to download all YouTube videos, in addition to download playlists complete, to activate it just access this link.

It is important to mention that, like an application, it is recommended review the bot description, in addition to reading reviews of to make sure that it is a reliable and safe tool, to avoid downloading viruses and other malicious, unwanted software.

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