With this trick you can save light when watching TV at night

The television is one of the devices that can be turned on for more hours at home. Although it is true that it does not have as high a consumption as an oven, refrigerator or air conditioning, it is worth knowing some tricks to save on the electricity bill. We are going to tell you what you must do so that your Smart TV spend less electricity overnight. You will see that it is very simple and it will come in handy in your day to day.

Keep in mind that not all televisions consume the same. It will depend on factors such as the size of the screen, the age of the device or the configuration you have. Now, in all the options you will be able to make some adjustments to try to make it consume less energy when you use it.

Adjust the brightness of the television

What can you do at night so that the television consumes less light? something as simple as lower the brightness. It is not the same that you watch TV during the day, especially if direct sunlight enters or it is a very bright room, than at night. In the latter case, you don’t need to have the brightness as high.

Adjusting the brightness can make the Smart TV consume more or less electricity. Ultimately, it is screen one of the factors that will influence consumption. It is very easy to adjust it, although it will depend on the exact model. In general, you will have to go to the settings, enter preferences and the image section. You can put more or less brightness.

This is exactly the same as on a laptop or mobile phone. Surely on some occasion your mobile has run out of battery and you have decided to lower the brightness or even the phone itself has adjusted it automatically. This can make power consumption less, just like TV screen.

Therefore, as you see at night you can decide lower the brightness of the television to save electricity. Although it will not be a huge drop in consumption, in the end it all adds up to the goal of trying to make the electricity bill as cheap as possible each month. With small details like this, you can achieve good results.

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Avoid Standby

Beyond this trick of adjusting the brightness, there is something else you can do with your television and it is something we have talked about many times: Stand By. It is what is known as phantom consumption. If you leave the TV with the red LED on, even if you think that it will not be constantly consuming energy.

This phantom consumption can come to suppose the 10% of the total of the invoice. It is not only the television in Stand By, but also chargers and other devices that you have connected, even if you are not using them at the moment. Therefore, turning off all this whenever possible is a good idea to save.

In short, adjusting the brightness of the television at night can be very useful to save energy. It is one more gesture that you can do, in a very simple way, to get the bill to decrease each month. You could use home automation, as long as you solve problems with the WiFi repeater and do not have failures, so that consumption decreases.

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