With this trick you will see more Netflix series than you think you have

Netflix and licenses

Everything in this world works and has always worked with licenses. But, the Internet, things go much faster, so a decision made today in an office in Washington has its repercussions the next day in Spain. Streaming services, like online video game stores, depend one hundred by one hundred of the licenses. Not renewing a deal on time means that the movie you marked as “Watch Later” yesterday may disappear from the catalog in a few days, preventing you from seeing it.

This phenomenon is also responsible for the fact that the Netflix catalog of a Spanish, an American and a French is quite different. The agreements that Netflix signs with Spanish production companies are normally limited to our territory, so people who live outside of Spain will not be able to consume the same content as us. And, it also happens with movies. Some feature films are renewed in certain countries depending on the number of reproductions they have. And then, the question may arise: Can I watch Netflix from another country without teleporting? For now, and until Netflix takes action, the answer is yes. Yes. However, the process may seem tedious if you are not very familiar with the computer world.

So you can visit the Netflix catalog from other countries

The first thing you need is a vpn. Not to go into details, what you should know about a VPN is simply that it is used to camouflage your IP. Basically, you will use your computer and your Internet connection to connect in an encrypted way to another computer located in another location on the planet. Any website you visit will see that you are in the United States instead of Spain, for example.

There are free and paid VPNs. The free ones will not work for Netflix, as they offer a limited amount of traffic until they run out. Regarding the paid ones, until recently, anyone could do it, but Netflix doesn’t like that you start rummaging through the catalog of other countries, so they invest a lot of money in detect addresses belonging to VPN services and block them. In my case, I have been paying for NordVPN for years and this time, the trick with the United States IP has not worked for me, which means that they are putting their batteries in this aspect.

VPN services that do work on Netflix in 2022

As we said, Netflix is ​​quite complicating this process, so we leave you with three services that day by day, do they work correctly when traveling from one country to another virtually by visiting different Netflix catalogues. They are the following:

  • ExpressVPN: Works on Android, iOS, Fire TV, Android-based computers and streaming devices, as well as consoles from Sony and Microsoft. It also allows you to bypass the limits of Prime Video, Hulu and even YouTube.
  • Surfshark: It is slightly cheaper than ExpressVPN and offers almost the same. It is also compatible with a huge number of devices.
  • ProtonVPN: It has a “Free version” with which you will be able to try the service for a few days, although the most correct thing is to get the Basic plan that will also allow you to skip the Netflix limits at a very good price.

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