With this website, Microsoft wants you to forget about Google

Microsoft already has its own search engine similar to Google, Bing. However, this search engine does not finish convincing users since, in reality, it looks too much like the Google page. Taking advantage of the large number of functions and features that it has been developing in recent months (such as the Windows 10 news and interests panel), Microsoft has decided to go one step further and take advantage of this feature to create a new useful website for users . A website that really offers added value and that is worthy of replacing Google both in the Windows browser and in our mobile.

What is Microsoft Start

Roughly, Microsoft Start It comes to offer a concept similar to the typical Google app that most of us will have installed on our mobile. On the one hand we will have a search engine (using the Bing engine, of course) to be able to make any query on the web easily, while on the other hand we will be able to see the weather and all kinds of news and information of interest, just below, thus taking advantage of the empty space of the screen.

Start reaches users in two different ways. On the one hand we have his Web page,, which we can use equally in Chrome, Edge and Firefox, while on the other hand we will have a mobile app (for Android and iOS) that will allow us to always carry this new news platform in our pocket, just like we carry the Google app on our mobile.

The elements that we can see, in addition to the search engine, on this new website are:

  • News
  • Time
  • Traffic
  • sports
  • Money

This new website is clearly inspired by the concept of News and Interests of the Windows 10 taskbar. But not only that, but it also has functions inherited from the Windows 11 widget panel. Underneath, it is based on the news services MSN and Microsoft News which, for more than 25 years, have been informing users. Thanks to our interests, Microsoft Start can directly show us all the relevant information just by opening the browser. And, most importantly, by stopping giving away our data to Google.

Microsoft Start 2

Will it succeed in replacing Google? Complicated (but not impossible)

Of course, it is a very useful new web page to set as the default page in our browser. However, the truth is that it is difficult for him to replace Google. The first thing is that people are beings of customsAlthough Bing is a great search engine, most people still prefer to use Google. The second thing, from our point of view, is that going from a website as basic as Google’s to one with so much information can be overwhelming and confusing for users who simply want to search for something on the web. And the third thing is that, if there have already been several attempts to convince users (Bing, Edge’s home page, Windows 10 News of Interest, etc.) and nothing has ended up doing the magic, what makes us think that will this service do it?

We will have to wait to see if, in the end, users decide to give Microsoft a chance, make a hole in their browsers, and steal market share from Google.

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