With this Xiaomi router you will say goodbye to Wi-Fi problems forever

When we contract Internet with an operator, they usually lend us, or rent, a router to be able to connect to the Internet at home and bring Wi-Fi to all corners of the home. The problem is that we know very well that these routers are of terrible quality, and leave a lot to be desired. Therefore, we will almost always have coverage and speed problems when we connect wirelessly to the Internet. If this is your case, today we bring you the solution.

Only for a few days, we can find in Amazon one of the best quality/price routers with which we can end Wi-Fi problems in our home. We talk about Xiaomi Mesh System AX3000. This router stands out for having a Wi-Fi 6 network, which will provide us with the best coverage, and the highest possible speed to be able to be connected in any corner of the home.

It is a mesh-type router, or Mesh, that is, it has the technology to place two (or more) units throughout the house and function as smart repeaters, allowing the devices to connect to the one that is closest without any interruption. signal. It offers a great speed of almost 3000 MBps and is powerful enough to work with 254 devices at the same time.

The only thing we have to keep in mind is that this router (like 99%) does not have built-in ONT, so we will have to configure our operator’s router in bridge mode and connect this Xiaomi Mesh System by cable to it to take care of it. router and Wi-Fi access point tasks.

Get the Xiaomi router at the best price

Xiaomi is a brand that has a few router models on the market, and all of them stand out for being cheap and powerful equipment. Of course, this Mesh system is no exception. And more if we find it on offer at the best price.

Normally, the Xiaomi Mesh System AX3000 is priced at 79.99 euros, but if we take advantage of this offer we can get hold of it with a 31% discount, so it would remain in 54.99 euro.

In addition, we can also directly buy a pack of two units to be able to take better advantage of the MESH system of this router with a 15% discount, so it would remain in 97.99 euro. A bargain for these two devices.

Wi-Fi card by USB

Of course, we also need a good Wi-Fi card in the PC to be able to connect to this router and browse at full speed. For example, for 32 euros we can buy the following model, Wi-Fi 6 and AX1800with which we can navigate at full capacity.

Thus, with all this, we can say goodbye once and for all to Internet problems.

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