With TikTok Resumes you can look for work with your videos as a resume

What is TikTok Resumes?

The idea behind TikTok Resumes is to offer a job posting platform to any brand that is interested in hiring people. At the moment it is a project that has been launched almost experimentally in the United States (it is a pilot program), so for now we will not find it in Spain.

Brands will be able to publish the different profiles they are looking for, and users will only have to leave a video reviewing their skills to confirm their candidacy. It is interesting that job offers are not of the type “we search for a profile for our social networks”, since all kinds of jobs can be found within the company. And it is that contrary to what we might think, job offers do not focus on looking for a famous TikTok profile, but use TikTok as a platform to reach many more people.

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How are the job offers found?

If you are browsing from the application, you will only have to take a look at the hashtag #TikTokResumes to see the proposals, although the most comfortable thing is to visit the official website and browse the different brands that are already looking for new candidates to include their template. Among the brands that we can find are Abercrombie & Fitch, Chipotle, Detroit Pistons, Shopify, Target, and many more.

In this way, a simple video will immediately become your cover letter, so we could basically say that one of your TikToks has become your personal resume in order to look for work.

Make money with TikTok

But if what you are looking for is something more direct with which to earn money from TikTok, then the function you are looking for is Shoutout. This new feature is being tested in some countries, and will allow user profiles to have a button from which brands or other users can raise promoted posts in exchange for a sum of money.

Thus, the most famous and viral profiles of the network, will be able to receive proposals directly from the application, so getting to earn money through TikTok will be easier than ever (although as you can imagine you must be someone with influence to make them rain on you the offers, of course).

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