With watchOS 8 during training you will not have to look at the watch screen

The Apple Watch was born as a device to help the user not to have to always be aware of the iPhone. But little by little it has become a device that goes much further. Nobody disputes its usefulness in the field of health and many begin to see the watch as a suitable training aid for most people. Now with the new voice function, will convince some more skeptics.

The Apple Watch is a watch that most athletes do very well. He is able to measure heart rate, running or cycling rhythms, boxing, fitness, yoga ….and record all the data in the Health App, along with the GPS of the route taken. From time to time if you want to know your running pace for example, you must inevitably raise your wrist while running. An unimportant gesture that is not annoying. However, the sports watches par excellence have an audible alarm or voice that tells you if your rhythm is adequate.

Now on the Apple Watch, and when watchOS 8 arrives at all, we will have this functionality active on the watch. In this way, many users who discarded it for this feature, will have to find another justification for not taking the Apple Watch to their careers. It can be enabled from settings on the watch or through the Watch companion app on the iPhone. Follow these steps: Configuration -> Training and look for the tip to activate where it says, Voice comments.

The new function will allow the exercise application to generate audible information that can be heard through AirPods or other wireless headphones paired with the watch. Ads report training progress, such as when a new kilometer is reached (now noted by a brief vibration) during a run or halfway through a timed target workout.

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