With what will I earn more money on YouTube?

There is no doubt that many of the content creators who offer us their videos via streaming through different platforms want to monetize all of it. One of the most used websites for years for these tasks is Youtubewhich at the moment also has a lot of competition.

A few years ago when we talked about this website focused on streaming videos owned by Google, it could be considered the greatest exponent of the sector. However, today we can affirm that over time some important platforms have appeared that are considered as direct competition. Among these we can highlight some as important as TikTok either twitch. Obviously, those most responsible for these proposals that offer us this enormous amount of videos, is to keep the most important content creators to their credit.

That is precisely where the monetization and profit war for these content creators we are talking about comes into play, and in which we find ourselves right now. Now we are going to focus on the aforementioned website known to almost everyone, YouTube. Obviously one of the main sources of income for these youtubers are the ads provided by the website itself. platform. In order to access them, it is essential to have at least 1,000 subscribers on our channel and exceed the 4,000 hours of playback totals.

At the same time it is important to know that conventional videos uploaded to this website could receive around a 55% of advertising revenue. Although many other factors come into play here, such as the number of visits to each content, its theme, the subscribers we have and much more. This is precisely where what is known as CPM or cost per thousand views becomes important.

Short YouTube videos are now profitable

Another of the interesting options for publishing videos on the Google website are those known as Shorts or short videos. The problem with these short videos is that until now, including advertising in them was somewhat complicated due to their short duration. However, YouTube is going to put into operation a system that will make it possible to monetize this short-term content in a much more effective way.

In most cases, it will not be as profitable as conventional videos, that is, content creators will not earn as much money for a Short as for a long video, but other considerations must be taken into account. .

To give us an idea of ​​what we are telling you, from next February 1 the monetization of short videos will be more interesting. It is true that the profit percentage here will be somewhat lower than in conventional long videos, since it will be set at 45%. YouTube’s plan is for creators to post shorts and in these there will be ads that will generate revenue for the platform. These proceeds will go into a cumulative fund and the 45% of them will be distributed among the creators.

It is logical to think that the number of views will determine the amount to be received for that advertising to which each one will be entitled. It is true that the monetization will be lower to conventional videos, so the content creator will generate less income overall. However, we must bear in mind that creating these short videos usually involves less work, so it may be more profitable for many of these youtubers, especially the most important ones.

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