Without cables, with Hi-Res and cancellation 2.0, this is the HUAWEI FreeBuds 4

It is not easy to stand out in the premium audio In-ear wireless headphones, on the contrary, is tremendously difficult. But each new version HUAWEI manages to surprise and in this case it was not going to be less, since now these FreeBuds 4 improve in all aspects.

HUAWEI FreeBuds 4: focused on delivering the best of your music

As we know, most headphones have a limited range of Hz and kHz on which they work and obviate the spectrum that they consider inaudible to the human ear. Therefore, obtaining a greater range and with more fidelity always increases the price, but these FreeBuds 4 manage to surprise even there, where the difference is also made.

We are talking about ultra comfortable in-ear headphones due to their design without pads, optimized for the hollow of the atrium so that when they are established and we turn in the ear it never comes out, fixing very well to the ear without hardly noticing that we are wearing them.

The measurements are truly spectacular at 41.4mm high, 16.8mm wide and just 18.5mm deep. The materials, although not revealed yet, are premium insurance, since each earphone weighs only 4.1 grams, which reveals that we are surely talking about aluminum, magnesium or the like.

As good wireless in-ear headphones, these HUAWEI FreeBuds 4 have precise control by intuitive gestures, which will allow us to listen to our music, answer calls or mute the headphones with just one gesture. In addition, each earphone can be controlled separately, which will surely add extra functions, such as vertical slide to control the volume, long or double press, etc …

Smart audio connection and charging case

We will not have to worry about the battery, which, although it is not specified yet, these HUAWEI FreeBuds 4 integrate a portable and compact charging case (58mm x 21.2mm with only 38 grams weight) that will guarantee a fast charge of them and the possibility of extending the autonomy for many more hours.

This will be ideal to achieve greater enjoyment of our music, where so much autonomy will not be a problem (up to 22 hours) due to its new design, which certifies greater comfort, comfort after hours of use and extreme lightness that will help this. .

HUAWEI is committed to audio quality in these FreeBuds 4 and has achieved Hi-Res certification, where the sound will reach higher notes (dynamic LCP driver of 14.3 mm independent to reach up to 40 kHz) and some bass that will be really amazing for an in-ear headphone (independent motor per headphone), something that has not been seen in practically any model on the market, much less at the price at which they are offered.


Finally, one of the most outstanding innovations is not only the improved representation of the sound, but the dual sound recording, which is now done in HD and with 48 kHz. Also related to sound we have precisely the new active noise cancellation, which obtains a new patented technology that adapts to the ear for a greater sound immersion thanks to an equalized air pressure.


As usual in HUAWEI for the launch of its products, the pre-purchase in this case of these FreeBuds 4 has a prize. Specifically, the brand will give us a HUAWEI Band 6 totally free and even allows you to choose its color among 4 different ones (only two for the FreeBuds: white or silver at the moment), all for a price of 149 euros and only during this pre-release pre-order! Are you going to let them escape?

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