Wiyo reaches an agreement with New Enterprise Ventures to promote decarbonization

Wiyo has just signed an agreement with the American company New Enterprise Ventures (NEV). The Spanish organization dedicated to interacting with the physical world through smart tags, which work with WiFi power, intends to offer its system to companies that can use them for the decarbonization, through industrial digitization.

The agreement is oriented towards the health field and life sciences, in which they work mainly from NEV, although Wiyo’s versatility makes it a valid element within infinite fields of action.

This union was born as a result of the great impact that the company founded by Danny Moreno Levy has had among US companies in the health sector. And it is that Wiyo’s mother company of R & D & I is the first semiconductor designer company of 100% national origin which has produced a new smart tag technology, which works without the need for batteries or wiring. This is possible because the product stores enough WiFi energy to power and interact in real time with any router or WiFi source, including smartphones.

Furthermore, this innovation works by using edge computingTherefore, there is no need to send the information to the cloud, thus being able to process the physical data, yielding intelligent and quality results. This allows, in addition, to feed the solutions of digital twins (digital twins) that are emerging worldwide as a result of the need for post-Covid digital transformation.

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The product comes in the form of a comprehensive physical object digitization system completely agnostic to any cloud solution provider. And the system works through an intelligent, self-adhesive and flexible label composed of a nanochip and antennas that can be used to make any object intelligent, allowing it to interact with it digitally before altering it physically.

The data and the physical traceability of the object are processed at the moment using artificial intelligence and analytical, predictive and prescriptive, in order to offer quality data that will then be in the cloud at the disposal of any provider of digital solutions in real time.

Advisory Board

The New Enterprise Ventures company, with which the agreement is signed, is a leading consulting firm in the healthcare market, comprised of some of the leading figures in healthcare and medical sciences, and led by Chris Cresswell, who He has extensive experience in the area, in addition to advising large companies such as Walmart Health & Wellness, Quest Diagnostics, Johnson & Johnson and Verizon, among others.

Additionally, NEV has, among its strengths, a advisory board who provide support and information to all the company’s clients, and which is made up of figures such as the former president of Walmart Health & Wellness, Sean Slovenski; or the executive director of Pharmacy Development Services (PDS), Charles Phillips, among many others.

In addition, the Fortune 500 list, for which it offers its services, represents the 500 US companies with the most capital, open to any investor. And the participation of the Spanish company in this great symbiosis will allow both the companies on the list and their clients to enjoy the capabilities it offers, having at their disposal efficient digital solutions with real and quality data.

Thanks to Wiyo’s intelligent physical object digitization system, cloud solution providers (CSPs) will be able to raise the bar and expand your capacity, since they finally have a solution that eliminates the existing technological barrier to achieve interaction with physical objects in real time. This will allow companies to offer more efficient solutions, at the same time that it will positively affect people’s quality of life, being able to facilitate daily tasks and offering intelligent help for those with physical limitations.

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