Wolters Kluwer a3Marketplace: 27 apps and 19 partners

Our colleagues from MuyCanal echo the Wolters Kluwer marketplace that, although it has been running for a short time, is being nurtured with an increasingly varied offer, with applications around the signature and digital certificate, management of expense notes, POS or CRM. This responds to a trend in the management software sector, where manufacturers are focusing in attracting distributors towards its technology to propose new verticalized solutions.

Total, 27 apps from 18 partners already integrate the a3Marketplace of Wolters Kluwer. Among these business partners are companies such as Link Soluciones, Ukabi, Emesa, Exevi, Ivnosys, Payflow and OpenHR.

The platform allows the integration of both the applications developed by ISV (Independent Software Vendor) and through APIS (Application Programming Interface) with the aim of offering new experiences to customers. The platform offers complementary applications in different areas such as digital signatures and certificates, or specialized for specific sectors such as business process management, expense reports, internal communication and CRM. These solutions connect with Wolters Kluwer solutions such as a3innuva|Payroll, a3invoice, a3doc cloud Y a3ERP.

Laura D. de la Torre, Business Development & Strategic Alliances Director of Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting Spain, indicates: “a3Marketplace is part of our strategy of continuous innovation and increasing the connectivity of our portfolio with interesting value propositions. Our solutions are a standard in the market and in this way we expand the possibilities of integration that we can offer to professionals in offices and companies. It is the result of our commitment to a model of co-creation and collaboration”.

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Thus, the marketplace aims to be a space to give visibility to the applications of software developers that connect with the solutions of the manufacturer of software, information and services for professional offices and companies.

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