Wolters Kluwer brings up the latest news and legislative changes in labor matters

Given the changes that are coming in 2022 in labor matters, Wolters Kluwer organizes a seminar in which he will review the news of the new regulatory framework such as the labor and pension reform, as well as the changes of the LPGE.

Being prepared and with up-to-date knowledge in labor matters has always been crucial, but more so in 2022, a year in which important developments in labor matters are expected.

To shed light on these issues, the firm specialized in the development of software solutions, information and services for professional firms and companies, Wolters kluwer, organize a day, the next friday, january 14 dedicated to all the news in this workplace.

An updated review by Antonio Benavides, lawyer, social graduate, professor at the Ramón Llull University and the UOC (Open University of Catalonia) and former Labor and Social Security Inspector, who will respond directly to the most important questions of new labor legislative framework, as well as those formulated by the assistants.

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Among other issues, Benavides will delve into the socio-labor modifications of the LPGE for 2022, the essential aspects in the Pension Reform, and those most relevant in the Labor Reform.

The appointment, for which it is necessary to register at this link, will begin at 9.30 am with the presentation by Ricardo Gabaldón, President of the General Council of the College of Social Graduates of Spain, which will lead to the presentation by Antonio Benavides.

Once this intervention is finished, it will be about the digitization of processes for compliance with labor legislation and, at the end, there will be half an hour for questions from the audience that will be answered live.

Wolters Kluwer gives the keys to the accounting and tax closing

On the other hand, Wolters Kluwer has also released a manual with the key points that professionals must take into account when carrying out the accounting closing and fiscal of 2021.

Available in format ebook, the company reviews in a simple and practical way all the key points to close 2021 with the main tax developments that have occurred throughout the last fiscal year.

The topics it addresses range from the novelties approved in 2021 regarding VAT in electronic commerce that came into effect last July, the regulatory entries, how to carry out the accounting closing by reviewing the corporate tax and the annual accounts, what models Present at the fiscal closing and the immediate supply of information (SII).

Likewise, the manual has a checklist with the key points that should not be forgotten for the annual closing.

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