Wolters Kluwer Developer Summit focuses on sharing development ideas and opportunities

Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting Spain has held its second Developer Summit this Thursday in Barcelona, after the first edition that was organized last year in online format. On this occasion the profile of attendees has been increased, with part of the channel and developers, with the aim of sharing new ideas and business opportunities through its a3Marketplace and the Developer Portal.

The technological multinational considers it incomprehensible to offer all kinds of business solutions. That is why, with this new developer portal, it seeks for the developer community to outsource functionalities that already exist to promote learning and innovation. Another of the objectives is to promote the connectivity of the ecosystem of a3Marketplace solutions, through the development of APIsallowing to offer more open, flexible and complete solutions.

For developers and partners, two different business forms have been presented, while in the enterprise/developers part the price will vary depending on the number of calls or clients. The model with the partner will depend on various factors and will have an audit service and closer contact. In this way, search customize and offer a more complete customer experiencea, beyond mere marketing.

Wolters Kluwer thus reinforces its collaborative model, one of the four main business axes of the Dutch entity, with three main points:

  1. Create a source of innovation
  2. Improve customer experience
  3. increase income

Tomas Font, general director of Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting Spain, has highlighted that, this edition of the Developer Summit, “aims to promote collaboration and the exchange of ideas and experiences in the field of software development that generates synergies and drives business growth through the connectivity of own and third-party solutions and applications”.

We believe in and invest in technology that makes a difference. We optimize technology with knowledge of what people need and how they actually work, and expertly incorporate it into our clients’ workflows. This is technology with real impact and for the real world”has added.

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The event has offered:

  • Strategic sessions on the main trends in API development in the cloud.
  • workshops specialized in which attendees have been able to create a project in collaboration with Wolters Kluwer developers.
  • Pills with content of interest and current events in the sector.
  • Keys to the development of sustainable code, by Carlos Blé, programmer and founder of Lean Mind.

During the day there was also a presentation Wolters Kluwer’s API Boost Strategy and development ideas and business opportunities have been shared around its Developer Portal and its a3Marketplace, the online platform that brings together the entire ecosystem of solutions of the multinational and that includes applications developed through APIs and also by ISVs for its APP Partners to cover the specific needs of companies and professional offices in the labor, tax, accounting and management fields.

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