Woman eats her husband’s ashes; has lost 20 kilos of weight

The loss of a loved one can lead people to do unimaginable things, this is the case of a young woman whose husband died just 10 months after will marry and since then it became an obsession to eat their ashes and take them everywhere.

26-year-old Casie was part of the program “My strange habit “ in 2019, where she related that since her husband’s death carrying his ashes everywhere had become an obsession, and that is that she took him with her to the supermarket, to the movies, to restaurants and on visits with her friends.

I didn’t want to erase itThat’s my husband, so I licked my fingers and here I am and I can’t stop, I’m eating my husband ”, was Casie’s testimony during her participation in the program where she pointed out that her husband died of an asthma attack two years after meeting.

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The taste of ashes

It was during one of those moments when he was moving from one place to another that some of the ashes in her vehicle, the young woman refused to throw them at the trash or on the pavement and it was at that moment that licked desperate her hands to avoid losing a part of her husband.

Casie also related that from then on she eats some of the ashes five to six times a day, first lick his finger and then swallow the ashes nibbling a bit and detailed that the taste is similar to rotten egg, sand and sandpaper.

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In several interviews Casie revealed that since she started eating her husband’s ashes has lost about 20 kilos of weight, however, this is because it is the only thing you eat during the day and it could harm your health.

She added that eating her husband’s remains generates feelings of guilt, and it is that it has become an obsession with less and less the amount of ashes that he has in the urn and he does not want to lose it once more.


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