Woman hid the body of her one-year-old baby in the wall: she said she had no money for the funeral

A 25-year-old woman hid since Februaryor this year the lifeless body of your one year old baby; the young woman related that she wrapped the small corpse in a blanket and then put it in a cardboard box, which stuck in the wall of his new house.

Kylie wilt, from Pennsylvania, said her baby died and did not notify the emergency services or the police, despite knowing that the child was a case to which the Department of Children and Youth Services (CYS, for its acronym in English) was following up because I was born with THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), the active ingredient in marijuana, in your system.

How did the one-year-old baby die?

The heinous crime was discovered after said instance went to the woman’s home and asked about the child. She He replied that he was in North Carolina, where other people took care of him, but then she got nervous and changed the version and explained that the baby had died five months ago by Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, popularly known as “cradle death”.

Kylie told police that in February of this year her baby died in her previous home (the causes are not yet known); However, the fact made her nervous, so she, her boyfriend and her other three children they moved to another residence located just three blocks away from where the little boy died.

Already in the new house, the 25-year-old woman took the body, wrapped it in a blanket and put it in a small box, which he hid in a hole he made in the wall. He later plastered and painted it, the Washington prosecutor’s office detailed. “The baby is here”, he confessed to CYS when he could no longer hide what he had done, and that was when they found the body.

According to information from the NY Post, the 25-year-old woman, and addicted to marijuana, would have hidden the corpse of his son because had not had for his funeral. For sure, it is not yet determined whether the baby was murdered or if, indeed, had “cradle death”, as related.

Now both Kylie Wilt and Alan Hollis, baby’s dadThey are detained: she faces charges for concealing the death of a child, abusing a corpse, obstruction of justice, fraud on social assistance and tampering with evidence; while he for obstructing the administration of law or other governmental functions.


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