Woman Mind: Angela Merkel made way for women

The arrival of Angela Merkel to the chancery of Germany, meant 16 years ago the breaking of a glass ceiling that seemed impossible, in a political world, at that time, dominated by men, and with her pragmatism she became one of the main leaders of the world.

“Dear Merkel, you are the first woman elected to be head of government in Germany, a strong signal for women and surely for some men”, said, in November 2005, the President of Parliament Norbert Lambert, before the coming to power of the Chancellor, Mónica Laborda, a doctor in International Relations and European Integration, recalled to Mente Mujer.

Meanwhile, Saúl Vázquez, specialist in International affairs and associate of the Mexican Council for International Affairs (Comexi), told this medium that “Merkel knew how to navigate through various crises with a style of politics that contrasts with the global trend that we are seeing. of the rise of populism around the world ”.

The internationalist highlighted that “in 2015, the Chancellor’s surname became the German word of the year. Merkel’s style is not to take drastic positions, she leaves a school and a way of doing politics that is really very different from what the world is seeing today ”.

One of the photographs that will go down in Merkel’s history is that of the G7 where she is confronting a Donald Trump with his arms crossed, she standing on the table and the rest of the world leaders behind her, Vázquez described.

In this sense, the doctor and also associate Comexi, assured that “Merkel is a great statesman who has put her country and Europe at the center of the global strategy.”

“The German Chancellor is an island of political stability in the midst of the growing international volatility that we are experiencing, derived from the pandemic and a critical economic situation. She has managed to get ahead of this situation, which has praised her as a global leader ”, he highlighted.

Within Germany he built alliances “he governed three of his four periods hand in hand with the Social Democrats, in the grand coalition, and he showed that he can bring those who are different to the table. They say that: Angela Merkel as leader of the Christian Democrats was the most important Social Democrat, ”the internationalist highlighted.


Merkel grew up politically keeping a low profile and without much controversy under the shelter of Helmut Kohl. She first held the portfolio of Women, Youth and Refugees and later went on to Nuclear Energy, where she stood out as a doctor in Physics.

“Merkel is above that machismo and knew how to put herself as a figure beyond politicking, she knew when to make the decisions, when to take the steps, just in her 2017 re-election for a brief moment it seemed that the socialists could win, but she he operated to approve the equal marriage that was the great flag of the socialists, ”said Vázquez.

In that sense, -Vázquez assured- that her legacy is very important, for the new generation of women who come after her, because they will have to take this and take it one step further.


  • Germany’s transition to renewable energy.
  • It adopted an open door policy on migration.
  • He raised a cordial treatment with the government of Turkey.
  • It strengthened the commercial alliance with China.
  • It gave strength to the automotive industry (40% of the economy).
  • He took on the financial rescue of Greece.
  • It made Germany the fourth largest economy in the world.


  • He was a member of the Free German Youth.
  • In 1989, he joined the democratic movement after the fall of the wall.
  • In 1990 she became a member of the Bundestag (Parliament).
  • In 1991, Minister of Women and Youth.
  • In 1993, she was appointed regional president of the Christian Democratic Union.
  • In 1994, appointed Minister of the Environment and Nuclear Safety.
  • In 2000 she was elected as president of the Christian Democratic Union.
  • Four terms as Chancellor of Germany (since 2005).

By Israel López Gutiérrez


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