Woman murders her ex-boyfriend because he did not want to kiss him

A woman of Latino descent, murdered her ex-boyfriend from a threw in the chest while both lived together with the girlfriend of the murdered young man even in an apartment Chicago, Illinois.

The woman’s name Claudia Reséndiz Flores, was arrested and now faces first degree murder charges without bail against her ex-partner, 29-year-old James P. Jones.

The reason why the woman murdered the man was because she asked him for a kiss, however, he rejected her because he had a relationship with another woman, the third in disagreement and that she was his girlfriend.

The woman He could not bear that he would reject her and also felt offended because not only did he not want to kiss her, but he kissed his girlfriend on the lips without caring about her request.

Claudia insisted once more for him to kiss her, however, the man did not want to, a situation that bothered Reséndiz a lot.

Suddenly and in just a few seconds, Claudia snatched a firearm that Jones had under some cushions of the armchair in the living room, when he saw her, he wanted to stop her, however, it was too late, the woman shot him directly in the chest, causing the death immediately.

Police detain the woman

Police officers from the town of Rolling Meadows, in Illinois, came to the site alerted by residents of The Preserve apartment complex in Woodfield.

When they entered, they found the body of the victim who received a shot in the chest, the same that caused his death without the aid bodies being able to do something for him.

Reséndiz Flores was arrested and identified as the shooter, for which the police officers were placed under custody, in the same way both the pistol and the crime scene were left in custody. investigation to make official the way in which the events happened. Reséndiz Flores was transferred to the Central Bail Court for a hearing.

The woman accepted that Shooting Jones, for which she was charged with first degree murder, during her hearing held last Saturday.

Illinois authorities, reported that this unfortunate event is an isolated case and does not pose a threat to citizens, however, they will continue with the investigations into the case.


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