Woman pays 14 THOUSAND pesos to be in the waiting room of a hospital; They never cared for her!

An outrageous case to American society, as many people tend to praise the US medical system, as it is often considered to be better, but its detractors argue that the being private raises costs a lot And it’s not really that good, the case of Taylor Davis seems to confirm the second statement, because he went to an emergency room for a fracture, he was waiting for hours, he did not receive any attention, but he will have to pay a bill of about 14 thousand pesos.

The woman said she had a head injury while on vacation in Atlanta, so she went to Emory Decatur Hospital, where she was waiting for a long time, but no one took care of her: “I sat there for seven hours. I shouldn’t have been sitting in an emergency room for seven hours, “she said.

A surprise came to his house a few days later

Taylor said that two weeks later a letter with a hospital bill for almost 700 dollars, approximately 14 thousand pesos. “They didn’t even take my vital signs, nobody called me. They didn’t see me at all“Davis said. After this, she called to complain and they told her that it didn’t matter, that that was the price for just going in, even if they didn’t treat you, they argued that that was the price for going to the emergency room.

An Emory Healthcare patient financial services employee stated: “They charge you before they see you. Not for being seen. “Davis said that unfortunately, he will think twice before stepping into an emergency room, as they do not charge for the severity of the injuries, but only for presenting you.

Emory Healthcare takes all patient concerns seriously and appreciates that this has been brought to our attention. Our teams are currently investigating this matter and will follow up directly with the individual, “said the hospital after the case went viral.


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