Women in Tech: Glovo’s Boot Camp to support female developers

Despite the great advances that have occurred in recent decades, the tech world is still eminently male. In fact, only 18% of technology departments in Spain are headed by a woman, according to a study carried out by Infojobs. Too much talent, in this case female, untapped and that can be tremendously positive for companies. Even more in a sector where vacancies are still very numerous.

For this reason, the technological platform of the delivery sector Glovo, and the high-performance training center in programming and KeepCoding technology, have joined forces to launch Women in Tech, a bootcamp that aims to train women from scratch in information technologyespecially in Python programming, a specific professional field that suffers from a lack of talent and with numerous jobs to fill.

What does the training plan consist of?

It is a training plan aimed not only at women, but also at groups at risk of exclusion. This course, which will last from September 2022 to February 2023, will be composed of 200 scholarships of 6 months of online teaching sessions taught by KeepCoding professionals and with an eminently practical nature. The students will be able to attend the two phases of the program from anywhere in Spain. Anyone interested must fill out this registration form and take the initial tests before next July 24.

The first phase will last four months. will be focused on familiarize these students with IT knowledge for their subsequent labor inclusion and in it they will learn junior Python. Those who pass this phase – attendance will be mandatory – will go on to a second phase lasting two months where they will specialize in web development or big data.

Upon successful completion of both phases, Glovo will select the 15 students with the best grades to include them in an internship program in their engineering or data departments in Barcelona from 2023. Although, yes, all the students will enter a KeepCoding job bank for 6 months, being able to access job offers from companies demanding technological profiles.

“It is a quality training plan aimed at quality employment for women; a great opportunity to acquire, for free, the minimum knowledge in a sector as booming and with full guarantee of employability as programming, with infinite possibilities for job growth”, commented Adriana Botelho, CEO and co-founder of KeepCoding,

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