Wonder Woman: the game of Monolith Productions is shown with the Italian trailer

After the reveal that took place during the recent edition of The Game Awards last week, the first Italian trailer of the game arrives Wonder Woman.

The new open world action-adventure genre game of adventure will therefore see the beloved and iconic DC Comics super heroine the protagonist of an original story.

The Italian trailer of the Wonder Woman game

Wonder Woman will allow players the chance to take on the role of Diana of Themyscira and fight to reunite her Amazon family with the people of the modern world.

The game, produced by Warner Bros. Games, is in development at the studios of Monolith Productions, the authors of Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor And Shadow of War, the two fantastic titles set in the universe of The Lord of the Rings.

The Nemesis System for Wonder Woman

As officially revealed by WB Games Italia, the Wonder Woman game will make use of the Nemesis system and players, on their path from being a fighting hero to a true leader, will be able to forge deep bonds with both enemies and allies.

David Haddad, president of Warner Bros. Games, spoke about something truly innovative:

Wonder Woman is among the most iconic DC super heroes ever. He has been fighting for truth, justice and equality for over 80 years, and we are proud to create an exciting new chapter in the story of this legendary character. The talented team at Monolith Productions are harnessing their skills to offer players a Wonder Woman game that will be unlike anything else they’ve ever tried.

Also David Hewitt, vice president and director of Monolith Productions, spoke of a game that will be desired by all:

At Monolith Productions, we believe that player-driven stories have the power to bring people together. The stories our players share inspire us every day and we are honored to take them on a unique and personal journey, guided by the values ‚Äč‚Äčembodied by Wonder Woman. The Nemesis System raises the bar for player-driven storytelling, and we’re thrilled to advance the open world genre by combining unbridled action and ingenious storytelling to create a Wonder Woman game that everyone will want to play.

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