Word special button: put square meters in the document

Most of you know that Office, Microsoft’s suite, is made up of a series of important programs. Here we find the Word text editorExcel spreadsheet application, or PowerPoint to design multimedia presentations.

If we focus on the first of those mentioned, the Microsoft text editor, we could say that it is one of the most important and used programs in the world. This is mainly due to the enormous market penetration it has, being one of the main references in the office automation sector. The program is full of functions and work modes that we can carry out directly from Word. Its developers try to make most of the tasks we do here easier thanks to a number of built-in features.

Although it may seem somewhat simple, for example, sometimes we are going to find ourselves faced with the difficulty of write square or cubic meters correctly in a text document here. It is precisely this functionality that we want to focus on right now, since we are going to show you how to do it in a simple way. And it is that this setback can not be found both in professional jobs and related to education or own.

Despite the power available to this microsoft programit does not have a specific function to display something as simple as square meter. In these lines we will help you and it is something that you can use in other types of similar uses. To give you an idea of ​​what we are talking about, in this specific case we need to type the letter M corresponding to meters, and an exponent with a value of two. To say that this is something that you can use in many other cases.

Write square meters correctly in a Word document

Well, as you can imagine, the first thing we do is locate ourselves in the specific place in the document where we want to type this. Initially, it is to be assumed that this term is going to be written after a number. Therefore, we type the same in a conventional way and then click on the M key. Next, we have to go to the Start menu option that is located at the top of the main interface of Word.

Among the many options that will appear here in the function barwe have to find a button named Superscript. In order to make things a little easier for us, it must be said that it is represented by the terms X2. In the same way and to access this function more directly, we can use the key combination Ctrl + +. We have already commented before that in this case what we are looking for is write square meters in our document correctly.

square meters word

Well, once we have clicked on the superscript button, we have no choice but to write the number two. At that time we will see that the conventional term to refer to these two words will be reflected in our Word document.

Editor Superscript and Subscript Buttons

As a curiosity, we must bear in mind that, for example, if we look for write cubic metersinstead of a two, after clicking on superscript we click on the key with the number 3. Of course, once we see on the screen what we were looking for here, we click on the Superscript button to disable the function. Otherwise the rest of the document will be misspelled from there.

Once on the subject, it is worth noting that in addition to the Superscript button that we have mentioned, the called Subscript. This can be useful in other circumstances when creating our text documents, for example, if we need to expose mathematical formulas. As you can imagine, the process of creating this subscript is the same, but the numerical value will be smaller than the letter that we indicate. This is a button that we find right next to the aforementioned Superscript.

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