Work better in Excel! Fix the cells in the interface

It is one of the most used applications that there is due to everything that it offers us by default. Surely many of you already know that as soon as we start this application we find a huge user interface made up of cells. Perhaps at first this structure can be a bit confusing if we are not used to it. But as we use the software as such, we will realize that these cells are the best way to use numerical data which we usually add here.

They allow us to work completely independently with those numbers that we introduce, results and formulas. But we must also take into consideration that both the external design and the internal functioning of each cell is configurable. This allows us to work with those spreadsheets that we create, whatever size they are. But while the Excel interface at first may seem almost infinite to us, the screen of our PC is not.

That is why, in order to work in the best way, it will sometimes be almost essential that we can fix certain cells in excel. What this really allows us to do is move around the immensity of the spreadsheet, but always keeping in view those contents that we choose. Therefore, we are going to help you achieve it in a simple way.

Lock multiple cells in Excel to have them in view

This is something that will become especially interesting if we work with a good number of rows and columns in the Microsoft program. Therefore, to do this, the first thing we must do is open the entire spreadsheet project so that it is placed on the screen. Then from the main application interface, we go to the View menu option. Thus, in the section called Window we find a drop-down list that we will see by clicking on Immobilize.

At this point it is worth mentioning that in this list we will find a total of three options that allow us to fix several cells in Excel simultaneously. The first of the options that we find here is the call Freeze panels. By clicking on this option we will see that the work desk is divided into four equal parts.

Thus, if we move other hidden columns to the right, we will see that the upper left panel remains fixed. This allows us to have the first columns always in view. In the same way, if we scroll down, the two upper panels are also blocked to have all those rows on the screen at all times. To unlock this mobilization we just have to follow the same steps and click on that option to return to the original state.

fix excel cells

At the same time in this same drop-down list we find two other very interesting options in this same sense. The first one allows us set the first row of the spreadsheet so that it is always in view on the screen. In the same way and as you can imagine, the third option allows us to lock the first column so that we have it on the screen if we scroll to the right in the Excel spreadsheet.

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