Work faster and better with these extensions for Chrome

Given the importance of productivity when working, more and more developers create extensions that are responsible for improving our user experience while using Google Chrome. In this way, we have additional tools that will help us to facilitate the task.

How they improve our productivity

Extensions are small utilities or add-ons that can be installed in our browser to fulfill certain functions, thereby achieving a better user experience. The variety and quantity of extensions are almost infinite, and many of them are found focused on improving and increasing our productivity. For this to be the case, it must meet an objective that allows us to work better, such as blocking certain websites that may distract us, establish work and rest times or organize the tabs that we have open so that it is easier to locate the information we are looking for . We can also find translators, spell checkers, among others. Each one different, but all with the same purpose. And best of all, they are usually free.

Of course, it is important that we be cautious when installing too many extensions in our browser. As we add more extensions, the browser requires a higher consumption of resources and memory, which can cause it to go slower.

Extensions to avoid distractions in Chrome

One of the ways to be more productive when we use our browser is to keep our attention while we work, preventing us from being easily distracted.

Strict Workflow, organize breaks every 25 minutes

The organization of work along with short breaks is very important in order to be more productive. With this extension we must comply with a 25-minute workflow without distractions, followed by a 5-minute break to relax. This process must be repeated until our working day is complete. For this, it has a work and rest timer that we can configure. It also has the possibility of block the most popular websites to prevent us from accessing them during work time and thus avoid distractions, being able to configure it and add a black or white list for the sites we want to block or allow.

Strict Workflow

StayFocusd, reduces the amount of time to visit websites

We are talking about an extension that allows us to increase our productivity while we work by limiting the amount of time we can spend visiting websites that have nothing to do with the tasks we must perform and that only make us waste time and perform less. When using this extension for Chrome it will help us to be more focused, avoiding that we have access to webs that only get us to waste time. It stands out for being very configurable, since we can block or allow complete sites, as well as routes, pages and specific content within the same page. Later, once the time we have allotted is up, the blocked websites will be accessible again.


Forest, encourages motivation

This extension aims to make us more productive while working without distractions in a pleasant and curious way, which will encourage us to motivate ourselves avoiding Internet addiction. This activity consists of cultivating a personal pattern of managing our time. For this we must plant seeds that will grow and turning into a tree over a period of 30 minutes so that we can put our work to good use. If we make non-productive use of the Internet, we will see how our plants stop growing, drying up and dying. In this way, by concentrating on our work, we will be able to have a garden full of plants and trees.


Plugins to group tabs in Chrome

It is also possible to find various extensions that allow us to manage and group the tabs that we have open in the browser to achieve greater organization and productivity.

Qlearly, organize tabs, bookmarks and tasks

We are talking about an extension that will allow us manage and organize tabs, so it is very useful for those users who tend to work with a large number of open tabs, which can cause a little chaos in our browser that ends up negatively influencing our work productivity. This way we can save time and stay organized. Its features include the possibility of organizing bookmarks, tasks and notes through tables and columns, facilitating a quick and unified search. In addition, it has keyboard shortcuts to create a board, add a column and save all open tabs.


OneTab, group the tabs to reduce consumption in Chrome

Have a large number of open tabs In Chrome, it not only negatively affects our productivity, since we may waste a lot of time finding what we are looking for, but it also negatively affects the performance of our computer, since the consumption of RAM and CPU is higher as we we open more tabs. For this reason, this extension allows us to save up to 95% of memory used at the same time that it allows us to reduce the clutter of open tabs. Its use is very simple, since it will only be necessary to click on the OneTab icon to convert all the open tabs into a list, being able to restore them when we need them, both individually and all at once.


Tab suspend, suspend and hibernate the open tabs that we do not use

Having many tabs open and inactive in Chrome is a memory overspending together with a disorder that makes it impossible for us to clearly find what we are looking for at any time. Therefore, we can use this extension that will allow us to automatically suspend and hibernate the tabs that are inactive. In this way, it allows us to save up to 80% of memory, thereby reducing the load of the device, as well as the battery and the heat generated. Therefore, it is an ideal complement if we are users who we work with many tabs open, allowing to accelerate our computer, reducing memory consumption. Once the tab becomes visible, it is automatically restored. In addition, it has an automatic tab closing function.

Tab Suspend

Other extensions to improve productivity

Next, we present another series of varied extensions that will also allow us to improve productivity when working with Chrome, so it is possible that they will be of great interest to us.

Evernote Web Clipper, tool to capture and save images

This extension for Chrome will allow us to save in our Evernote account interesting things that we find while browsing the Internet such as articles, screenshots, emails, etc., to keep it later. And it is that in a simple way we can capture texts and images, emails and articles. We can also make clippings from the web or PDF files, being able to save the entire pages or the parts that we need. In addition, we can label everything we save so that it is easier to remember by using keywords and titles so we have everything organized.

Evernote Web Clipper

Google Translate, ideal for translating into more than 100 languages

If we have to look for information on pages that are not in Spanish, it is possible that the language can be an obstacle that makes us waste too much time and thus be less productive. The Google translator is undoubtedly the most used for its wide compatibility with all types of languages, as it is capable of translating up to 109 languages, being a useful tool for translate text quickly. With this extension we can have it integrated directly into our Chrome browser for easy access. All you need to do is highlight or right-click a section of text and click the Translate icon to translate it. Likewise, it is possible to translate any page in full that we are seeing, just click on the translation icon in the browser’s task bar.

Google Translate for Chrome

Grammarly for Chrome, eliminates grammar and spelling errors in English

We are talking about one of the most interesting Chrome extensions related to productivity, especially if we need to write a lot for work in English. With it we can eliminate small grammatical errors that we think are correct but are really misspelled. Thus, we can check grammar, spelling errors and punctuation to get clearer and error-free writing. In addition, it can help us to review sentences that are grammatically correct but contain too many and unclear words. The extension is compatible with the text fields of most of the websites, including Gmail, Google docs, Facebook, WordPress, among others. Thanks to its design that organizes our writings by topic, we will be able to understand at a glance how to improve it to help the recipient’s understanding.

Grammarly for Chrome

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