Work from Anywhere: discover smart telecommuting

Working from home has become the new normal. In almost all companies, employees are already combining their work in the office, with days in which they have the possibility of telecommuting.

And although this of course has many advantages for all those involved (the workers themselves, of course, also for the companies), it can also present technological difficulties.

As more and more technical managers are realizing, the lack of efficiency in network connectivity when working remotely can be compounded by other risk factors such as not having enough bandwidth, interruptions in traffic and, as a consequence of all of the above, poor performance of business-critical applications.

Added to these “technical inconveniences” is the need to reinforce the security of the connections of workers who carry out their activity remotely, where it is of vital importance that they can have a secure access to the corporate network among other things, to be able to use critical applications in their daily tasks.

Having identified the problem, different manufacturers have made an effort over the last two years to bring the best solutions to companies. One of the best positioned in this field is undoubtedly VMware.

The technology leads companies in this case VMware SD-WAN, a secure access service edge platform that combines a leading SD-WAN and comprehensive cloud and SaaS security optionswhich makes it possible for companies to provide a better telecommuting environment for their employees.

To learn more about what this solution consists of and how companies can benefit from it, the company publishes its whitepaper «Work form Anywhere: a VMware SD-WAN solution» in which he clears up doubts not only about the use of this particular solution, but also about how a productive and safe environment can be guaranteed so that employees can work remotely. In this sense, in the following technical document you will find valuable information for:

  • Sort out access problems in telecommuting.
  • Build a safe environmentprotected against any threat.
  • Ensure that the Privacy employees and confidential company information is not compromised.
  • Implement a remote work solution comfortable and simple.
  • Know the advantages of a subscription model and pay only for what you really need.

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