Work from Anywhere: what is smart telecommuting?

Two years after the pandemic sent us almost everyone to work at home and from that famous phrase that “teleworking is here to stay”, the reality is quite different. According to the Adecco Monitor of Opportunities and Job Satisfaction, the exact number of people who telecommute in Spain is currently 2.74 million, which means 4% less than that of a year before.

Thus, currently, 14.4% of employed Spaniards work, at least occasionally, from home. It is the lowest figure in the last five quarters. What happened? If teleworking was going to bring us so many benefits, if technology was more than ready to provide us with tools, why are Spanish companies so reluctant to implement it?

The truth is that many workers found some difficulties in this transition, since his work environment changed radically. In these two years, many companies have ended up adopting a hybrid environment, with several days of teleworking at home combined with days at the office. This method is being well accepted by both parties (employer and worker), since IT companies have launched a series of solutions that make life a little easier for everyone.

Between the smart telecommuting tools They are easy and fluid access to applications, as well as consistent and permanent Internet availability. To know them all, we present this white paper which speaks of:

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  1. Solve access problems in telecommuting
  2. Build a safe environment, protected against any threat
  3. Ensuring that the privacy of your employees and your company’s confidential information is not compromised
  4. Implement a remote work solution conveniently and easily
  5. Know the advantages of a subscription model and pay only for what you really need

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