Work with 7-Zip more fluidly by creating your favorite folders

When we talk about this type of program in particular, within the solutions that come to mind we can highlight WinRAR or WinZip, among others. But we must bear in mind that at the same time we have many other interesting and useful alternatives for these tasks. This is the case of the aforementioned 7-Zip in which we want to focus on these same lines. Here we find an interesting free project that we can download from their website to take advantage of all the functions that they present to us.

In addition, the compressor offers us a fairly simple user interface, suitable for all types of users. But that’s not all, since it also integrates seamlessly into the context menu of the Windows system so that we can use it more comfortably. As you can imagine, this is a program that will help us when compressing and decompressing most of the file formats of this type. Here we will not have any compatibility problems with the many types of compression formats. But at the same time it presents us with a series of functions that try to facilitate these tasks, as we will see.

In fact 7-Zip proposes the possibility of create a series of favorites so that we can work in a much more fluid way with the program. And it is possible that on many occasions we work with certain folders and in this way we can access them in a more direct way.

Create your own favorite 7-Zip locations

When carrying out these types of actions related to file compression and decompression, we can use all kinds of content. However, there are times that in most cases we use them disk locations for all of it. Precisely for these cases the application offers us a very interesting function that allows us to create our own favorites to access those locations directly.

With all this we save ourselves having to move through the different disk units and go directly to the one that interests us with a single click of reason. In the same way, we will have the possibility of using a series of keyboard shortcuts for all this, as we are going to show you. Thus, to achieve customize this functionality We are talking about, the first thing we have to do is open the compressor user interface.

Well, once we have the interface we are referring to on the screen, we can navigate through the disk drives until locate ourselves in the location that interests us. By this we mean opening the folder where we generally work with compressed files. At that time we take a look at the top of the window to find the menu option called Favorites.

Here we are going to find a list in which added favorites appear above and its corresponding keyboard shortcut. In the same way, we find another drop-down list that says Add folder to favorites as. From there we will have the possibility of adding new locations to be added to the original list.

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