Works on PC, Switch and mobile, is this the best cheap controller?

Every day there are more people who want to play their mobile games with a traditional console controller, whether on Apple or Android platforms. That is why the people of Krom just released his Kairosa multi-platform wireless controller for video game lovers portable devices and the PC in equal parts. What are its features and specifications?

One of the most hated things for those of us who have played video games since before the launch of current mobile phones is the use of capacitive screens to play. Fortunately, for some time now, the use of traditional gamepads has become possible. However, many of the solutions that exist for PC are not compatible for mobile phones and it is necessary to have several controls. Perhaps Krom’s latest controller, dubbed Kairos, is the solution to that problem.

krom kairos

The Krom Kairos is a controller with a Nintendo-style button layoutthis means with the analog sticks asymmetrically and the position and name of the buttons, just like in Controller Pro of the switch. Console with which it is also compatible and therefore not only with devices iOS and Android. And speaking of mobile phones, the people of Krom have had the detail of including a ssupport to play with our mobile, which is fully retractable and consequently we can save it for when we play on other platforms.

Refering to compatibility with PC gameswe can use it without problems in any game or emulator that supports the xinput standardso you should also be able to use it on all kinds of platforms that support that standard, including different machines for emulation.

The controller is completely wirelessso we can enjoy it without cables through its wireless interface, which is Bluetooth 5.0. As for its battery, we can enjoy 10 to 12 hours without interruption. Its scope? A total of 10 meters, so you can comfortably play your PC games. Although, of course, the Krom Kairos is a controller to take you anywhere and enjoy your favorite games for mobile phones and handheld consoles.

And the thing does not end here, since this gamepad supports vibration, with the ability to program up to 4 different intensities: null, weak, medium or strong. In addition, we can program the turbo on the buttons, being possible to configure 5, 12 or 20 successive repetitions per second. Ideal for reliving those retro games where you mashed buttons to win without losing your thumbs.

Price and availability

As for its release date and price, you can find it available in stores in mid-September for a recommended retail price of €39.90.

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