Would you hug your MacBook? Here you have a reasonable option

What’s up users who would like to hug their MacBook or iMac It is something we have known for a long time. And is that Apple has managed to retain some of its followers beyond what seems reasonable for a manufacturer of computers and consumer electronics. Although, well, it is something that we also see in other sectors, such as the motor sector, with users who are the main brand ambassadors, without even being translated into a small discount on their next purchases.

I myself, without going any further, have experienced a lot of joy (not happiness, happiness is something else) when I have bought a MacBook, an iMac, an iPhone, and so on. But beware, what The same thing also happened to me when I bought, for example, the Asus laptop I work with today. They have all made me happy, but I think not so much that I want to hug them. Perhaps it would have happened to me when I was a child, that at that time I embraced everything, but that is another story and it has nothing to do with the love of electronic devices.

Now, I also recognize that, after seeing this Kickstarter project, maybe I have really wanted to start embracing devices. Only, of course, in that version that looks so squishy and is as adorable as it looks in the photos. And also, we talk about quite iconic devices: a 1983 Apple Lisa, a 1999 iBook, a 2000 Apple Cube, a 2002 iMac (yes, the one that looked like a table lamp), and a 2003 Power Mac G4. I miss a MacBook, but hey, you have to know how to settle.

The price of theseā€¦ cushions? Pillows? teddies? or whatever you want to call them is not exactly low, 39 dollars a unit, so if you want to get all five you will have to shell out a whopping 195 dollars, to which you will have to add the shipping costs. And yes, I know it may seem (to be) expensive, but that has not prevented the project from reaching 100% of the investment needed to get it done in just one hour. Currently there are 26 days to participate, and it has already raised 23,533 euros (I have seen the counter go up a couple of times while I write this news), when its initial goal was of 8,649 euros.

I never got to own an iBook (at the time I didn’t have the budget) although I have had and have MacBook and MacBook Pro. And personally, beyond the joke, it does seem like a nice proposal, whose success does not surprise me not at all, because we are talking about products with a lot of “personality”. Now, I do not think I buy any … unless you can change their integrated to put an M1 Max, in that case I would think about it. Of course, in that case it would surely go up in price.

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