Would you like or would you think it possible for Apple to launch its own cryptocurrency?

I want to start this article by explaining that it is not a rumor and of course no news that has any signs of being reality, it is not even something that has been put on the table. Or if?. It is an opinion. I explain. Apple is a technology company and in that field it moves, in the manufacture of devices that help people to improve. Do youWhy not create your own currency virtual?. It would help people while generating income for you. This comes from an interview with Tim Cook in which he claims that he owns cryptocurrencies and has been interested in it.

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If I shout from the rooftops that I have cryptocurrencies and that I think about investing in them and that I have even learned how to work with them, it would not matter to anyone, except those closest to me. But if it is Tim Cook who says in an interview that he has been interested in the cryptocurrency market and that he has even considered knowing something more about them, the readings or rather, the second readings suggest that It is somewhat likely that Apple has been thinking about launching its own virtual currencies.

But I repeat that it is something that perhaps many have thought when reading the article and I have the opportunity to express those thoughts in writing. But it is not real news or even a rumor. In fact it seems that the CEO has made an effort to make it clear that it is something personal and Apple has not raised it. But the mere fact of saying this, can give one to think that they have raised it, don’t you think?

At The New York Times DealBook conference, Apple CEO Tim Cook said that he personally owns cryptocurrencies. He said that he had been interested in cryptocurrency “for a while.” That he had been researching the subject since his interest was from a “personal point of view.” Cook rejected suggestions that Apple could take cryptocurrency in exchange for products as a tender or buy it with corporate funds.

I do. I think it is reasonable to own it as part of a diversified portfolio. By the way, I’m not giving anyone investment advice. I have been interested in cryptocurrencies for a while and have been researching the subject. I wouldn’t go investing in crypto, not because I wouldn’t invest my own money, but because I don’t think people buy Apple stocks to expose themselves to cryptocurrencies. It is not something we have immediate plans to do.

That last sentence. Where it says that creating your cryptocurrency is not part of your immediate plans. That is where I stay. In the hope that an Apple virtual currency can be created and that users can acquire them. Although of course, if you follow the same price pattern as the ones they put on their devices, then the currency will be worth so much that there will be almost no one who can afford to buy more than a few cents.

It is a very rare idea. For a company at the level of Apple to create a cryptocurrency, but it is not a completely crazy idea. The tessitura could occur. What do you think? Do youCould Apple launch its virtual currency? To what end? Would you be willing to buy that coin?

I’m not Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, but certainly if he had thrown this possibility up, we would certainly echo the rumor and we would be thinking very seriously about acquiring that cryptocurrency. Some to do business, others because it is from Apple and we already know that there are people who buy anything from Apple because it is from Apple.

In my personal opinion, if Apple launched a cryptocurrency, I think it would buy what I could invest in. Not only because it is from Apple but because it would be a safe business. Safe in terms of security and safe because I would make money from it. It would create alliances with other banks and also through Apple Pay we could pay with those cryptocurrencies. At first in few establishments but as banking alliances increased, paying with Apple’s virtual currency would be the most natural thing to do.

The trend is to run out of cash. Cryptocurrencies will be the solution in not many years.

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