Xbox already has the gamepad that was missing from its collection

The number of versions of controllers that exist for Xbox Series X and Series S is reaching a level that even collectors cannot reach. Microsoft has launched dozens of chromatic variants of its console’s control knob, but it was still missing one that is directly linked to its hallmark.

Green I want you green

Xbox Wireless Controller Velocity Green

When Microsoft first introduced Xbox, there was one color that immediately defined the identity of the new Redmond brand. It was obviously green, but not just any green, but a lurid one that can be seen from miles away. Until now, after many gamepads presented, we had not seen a model that represented that Microsoft identity, but now we are finally going to have the version it deserves.

Under the name of Xbox Velocity Green Wireless Controller, the proposal leaves us with a command with an unmistakable appearance. It is a green that now represents Xbox, since previously the model that could most resemble it was the Electric Volt, although that was more of an electric yellow.

With the usual qualities

Xbox Wireless Controller Velocity Green

Like every controller they release, this new Velocity Green features textured contact areas to offer an excellent grip (on the triggers and the upper buttons), 8-way hybrid crosshead and the new share button that was released in the current generation with which to be able to take screenshots and videos with a click.

On the front button panel we will find a touch of color to identify each of the buttons, since in addition to green, the only thing we will find are details in black.

A multipurpose controller

Thanks to its double profile, we can configure the controller on the console and another device via Bluetooth. We will only have to press the synchronization button twice to change from one profile to another, so that we can use the controller both with the console and with our PC or mobile phonesomething quite practical if we take into account the price of the device.

Now available to book

Xbox Wireless Controller Velocity Green

And it is that the price of this Velocity Green wireless controller will be the corresponding €59.99 traditional ones that Xbox controllers usually have. This is a lower amount than what a Dual Sense has, but considering that it offers less technology, in the end it is still a somewhat high price that not many would be willing to pay.

Still, the Xbox controllers have an excellent level of construction that allows them to hold up quite well over time, and considering that we will be able to use it with more devices, it could become your main controller for everything. Are you already thinking of expanding your collection?

The command will be officially on sale next March 21but it can be reserved right now on Amazon.

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