Xbox Everywhere, the platform that will allow you to play Xbox games even if you don’t have the console

Streaming game platforms do not stop gaining weight in the gaming sector. More and more users are betting on services like Google Stadia to be able to enjoy triple A games without needing a particularly powerful computer. And Microsoft is already putting the finishing touches to Xbox Everywhere, its own platform that will allow you to play Xbox titles even if you don’t have a console from the manufacturer.

Now, after several delays, it seems that Xbox Everywhere initiative moves forward. The idea was that it would arrive in November 2021, but it seems that it will take a little longer. Of course, in return, you will be able to play Xbox cloud games using your Amazon Fire TV Stick or a Samsung television.

Or this is what follows from the latest information published by VentureBeat and where they indicate that «Within the next 12 months, Microsoft plans to release an Xbox cloud game streaming device. It will likely look like an Amazon First Stick or maybe a small Roku-like drive. And like a Roku, the Xbox streaming device will allow you to access movie and TV services, plus a library of games through Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

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Xbox Everywhere wants to change the gaming landscape

In addition, and as if that were not enough, the launch will include a dedicated app for Samsung TVs that will allow you to access Xbox Everywhere directly through your Smart TVs to play Xbox games. Without a doubt, an excellent idea to stand up to current solutions and that can have a long way to go in the gaming sector.

To begin with, many of us find it more profitable to pay for a subscription to a streaming game platform, be it NVIDIA GeForce NOW, Google Stadia or any other platform. The very idea of not having to buy a specific computer to play the most cutting-edge titles in the best quality It is already a detail to take into account.

In addition to saving you unnecessary inconvenience for many, such as having to buy a computer or console, games, future improvements to your gaming PC since some components become obsolete… On the other hand, if you enjoy a good Internet connection you will be able to access the best titles of the moment from any compatible device. You can even use a Chromecast for it.

Xbox Everywhere release date

Xbox Everywhere

At the moment it is too early to know. From what they have said in the last leak, in less than 12 months this service should already be active. In addition, it is most likely that Microsoft will try to arrive for the Christmas 2022 campaign, one of the most interesting since the winter holidays also come together, making it the ideal time to launch Xbox Everywhere.

Even so, we are facing a simple rumor, so we will have to take the information with tweezers and wait for the Redmond-based giant to officially announce the launch date of its new streaming platform Xbox Everywhere and that will allow you to play Xbox games on any compatible equipment, such as an Amazon Fire TV Stick or a Samsung television.

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