Xbox Game Pass arrives strong with its new games for October

October games on Xbox Game Pass

Along with news such as the arrival of Xbox Cloud Gaming to more countries, also the start of access tests to the game in the cloud from the consoles themselves and some other thing, the new titles arrive that will be available in the Xbox Game catalog. Pass.

On this occasion, if you are not very fond of role-playing games, they may not attract you in the same way as in previous months, but the inclusion of proposals such as Scarlet Nexus make the arrival of this October worthwhile.

AI: The Somnium files

  • Available for consoles, PC and Cloud

AI: The Somnium Files is a proposal where adventure and mystery are mixed. You are going to step into the shoes of Kanama Date, a detective who will have to catch a mysterious serial killer.

Astria ascending

  • Available for consoles, PC and Cloud

This JRPG with colorful graphics and a lot of personality introduces us to a fantasy world that will have to be crossed through more than 20 dungeons with dangers and other challenges to overcome. To play it easy, this is Astria Ascending.

Scarlet nexus

  • Available for consoles, PC and Cloud

Without a doubt, Scarlet Neus is one of the important bets that arrive this October on Xbox Game Pass. An RPG with a style that fans of Japanese games will love and that anime touch that they usually always include.

Marvel’s avengers

  • Available on consoles, PC and Cloud

If you wanted to get your hands on the Avengers game, now you have a great opportunity to do so through Xbox Game Pass. Not only do you have the base game, but also all the content releasing to date. So don’t even think about it and start enjoying your favorite heroes.

Mighty goose

  • Available for consoles and PC

A game of those that make you happy at any time you play it, especially for its particular postponement where a group of geese will give a lot of war with those touches of pixelated graphics that can be so striking.


  • Available on consoles, PC and Cloud

This indie game where you will have some freedom when it comes to moving around a setting that offers exploration options while you must solve puzzles and kill the enemies that approach you with unfriendly intentions. Along with some pixelated graphics it is worth taking a look.

Phoenix point

Phoenix Point is a game where you will have to carry out tactical combat in the style of XCOm. Not in vain the creator of said game is also behind this title that, yes, will only be available for the Xbox Series X, S and One consoles.

Battlefield 2042 (open beta)

  • October 6 to 9
  • Available on console and PC

Look out for October 6 if you are an Xbox Game Pass subscriber, because you will be able to access the open beta of Battlefield 2042 before the rest of the players. So you will try before anyone else what this new installment of one of the best-known FPS and one of the great rivals of Call of Duty has to offer.

Back 4 Blood

  • From October 12
  • Available for consoles, PC and Cloud

Another of the games expected for this month of October is this one from Black 4 Blood. It will arrive from October 12 and with a great resemblance to Left 4 Dead, you will surely like that of teaming up with friends or other players to end every zombie that gets ahead.

The Riftbreaker

  • From October 13
  • Available on console and PC

The Riftbreaker is a game where you will have to collect resources in order to create a base where you can find refuge as well as defense against enemies who will try to kill you. A game of construction, strategy and RPG that could be interesting if you are related to this type of proposal.

Into the pit

  • From October 19
  • Available on console and PC

Into the Pit is a first-person shooter in which you get into the role of a magician who with his spells that he can cast will have to advance through a series of somewhat hostile dungeons.

Echo Generation

  • As of October 21
  • Available on console and PC

Fearsome creatures that you will have to fight await you in Echo Generation, a title that will arrive almost at the end of October and despite having RPG elements it does not seem to be as demanding as other proposals.

Moonglow bay

  • From October 26
  • Available on console and PC

You will be able to fish, build, maintain cordial relations or not with your neighbors … Moonglow Bay is one of those games with RPG touches to play in a relaxed way and without much rush.

Ages of Empires IV

  • From October 28
  • Available on PC

Be careful because it will be one of the great novelties of Xbox Game Pass this October, it will arrive in the last days of the month, but it will still be worth it for all those fans of strategy. Because, without a doubt, it is a classic game that many are still hooked on.

Bassmaster Fishing 2022

  • From October 28
  • Available on console and PC

There is not much to tell about this fishing game. Yes, you will have to plow through lakes in search of the big catch of the day.

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