Xbox One, Xbox One S and Xbox One X have been discontinued since 2020

Cindy Walker, Senior Director of Xbox Product Marketing, has openly confirmed that Microsoft has ceased production of Xbox One, in all versions, just before the launch of Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X, a move that, according to the executive, allowed them to focus all their efforts on improving the production of their next-generation consoles.

It is true that, in general, Xbox Series X availability has been slightly better than PS5, although I would not dare to say that this has only been due to a greater supply from Microsoft, since I think that the fact that the Sony console has been more popular, and has been in greater demand, has also played a role. It is curious since, as those of you who read us daily know, Xbox Series X is more powerful than PS5.

Going back to the cessation of production of Xbox One, Xbox One S and Xbox One X, I think Microsoft has taken advantage of the confirmation that Sony will continue to produce PS4 units to show its users that, ultimately, they really have bet “really” on the new generation, and that they have preferred to focus all their efforts on it. The quotes are not a coincidence, and it is that, in the end, both PS5 and Xbox Series X continue to be weighed down by intergenerational developments, which start from the base of PS4 and Xbox One.

Xbox Series S

Was Microsoft right to discontinue Xbox One so quickly?

Personally, I think so, especially because of the doubts generated by Xbox One X and the impact it could have on the sales of Xbox Series S. We must bear in mind that Microsoft’s situation is very different from Sony’s. The Redmond Giant Offers two new generation consoles with very different specifications and prices, and thanks to this it can offer Xbox Series S as an inexpensive next-generation alternative that renders all versions of Xbox One meaningless.

Xbox One X GPU has a higher FP32 peak performance, but uses the venerable GCN 4.0 architecturewhile the Xbox Series S CPU uses the RDNA2 architecture, and has support for all DirectX 12 Ultimate technologies, including ray tracing. On the other hand, the CPU of Xbox Series S is also well above that of Xbox One X, since it uses the Zen 2 architecture, which has a much higher IPC, is capable of handling twice the threads and runs at much higher. frequency.

It is true that Xbox One X has 2GB more memory and higher bandwidth, but it is a minor difference that Microsoft should be able to compensate without problem. On the other hand, we must not forget that Xbox Series S comes with a high-performance SSD.

If we can all that we have said together, the conclusion is clear, Xbox Series S offers a next-generation experience for less than 300 euros. With this on the table, it is clear why Xbox One, and all its versions, no longer made sense in Microsoft’s production chain.

Xbox One consoles

Microsoft could surprise us with a new Xbox Series S

And its launch will, in theory, occur sometime next year. This new console will not have major design changes, but it will have internal modifications. In this sense, one of the most important novelties would be the integration of an AMD APU manufactured in 6nm process.

That new version would be just as powerful as the original, but cooler, more efficient and more compact. It would also be cheaper than the original, as its launch price is rumored would be around 250 euros. If that is confirmed, the original Xbox Series S could drop in price considerably and would become a real “bargain”, although obviously its production would not continue, so we could only get it while supplies last.

The table that you will find just below these lines shows the key specifications, and the launch prices, that each of the latest Microsoft consoles had. As we can appreciate, Xbox Series S has been the best of its kind by price-performance value.

Xbox console specifications

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