Xbox: Phil Spencer would like toxic gamers to be banned from everywhere

Xbox division boss Phil Spencer has expressed his desire to find solutions to make online gaming safer for everyone. For him, a way should be found to block toxic players on all platforms. He also says politics has no place on Xbox Live.

Xbox division boss Phil Spencer has expressed his ideas for the future of video games. For him, one of the challenges will be to offer a safe service for all players. It means finding a way to eliminate toxic behavior online. One of the solutions considered would be to block all malicious players on all platforms.

It was during an interview with the New York Times that he mentioned the matter. This is only an idea launched in the tone of the discussion, therefore nothing concrete, but its radicality might surprise.

“There is something we would love to do (…) is when someone is banned from one of our services, is that they are automatically banned on other networks. Or at least, as a player, to be able to bring my blocklist from one network to another. “

Phil Spencer doesn’t want Xbox Live politics

Phil Spencer touched on a whole bunch of other topics in his interview. He notably mentioned political disputes over online games. A subject certainly important, but which quickly leads to violent clashes between players. For Spencer, we just have to find a way to eradicate the politics of Xbox Live:

“Online we have conversations about politics and other hot topics. One thing that we have established on our networks is that these are not platforms where freedom of expression has its place. We are a platform about video games. We are not going to allow social discourse, that is not why our platform exists ”.

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A statement once again radical, but assumed, because necessary according to Spencer. Xbox Live is for video games and rallying players around political ideas (especially in the current context) is not the goal of the Xbox platform. A barely masked peak towards other social networks which take advantage of the political climate to encourage users to come together … and compete.

During this interview in the form of a podcast, Spencer discusses a lot of other subjects, such as the metaverse, the Activision-Blizzard affair or the evolution of the video game industry in recent times.

Source: New York Times

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