Xbox Series controller keeps malfunctioning in Windows 11

Having the entire Xbox ecosystem in its possession, the logical thing is that Windows was able to recognize and use the peripherals of this console to perfection. Among them, the controllers for Xbox One and Xbox Series. While the former work without problems, the latter have been causing problems in Windows 10 since its launch. And, although we expected that with Windows 11 these problems would have disappeared, unfortunately, they have not.

Windows 11 still doesn’t read the Xbox Series controller battery

Playing wirelessly has its advantages and disadvantages, like everything else. The main advantage is the mobility that this remote offers us by not having to be tied down. And the main problem is that we depend on an energy source (either cells or batteries) and, if it runs out, we will be thrown away.

As with other operating systems, and with other peripherals, Windows is capable of read battery levels when connecting a device via Bluetooth or through our own 2.4 GHz connection. In this way we can know how much autonomy we have left in the device and receive alerts when it is about to run out to have foresight and avoid being stranded.

Unfortunately, if we connect the Xbox Series controller via Bluetooth to Windows, we can already forget about this function. It is not known why, but instead of reading the correct battery value, the command will always be in “critical state” for Windows. It does not matter if we use new normal batteries, rechargeable or a battery. There will be no way of knowing how much battery we have left from the Game Bar.

And we will not be able to use other programs to control the remote control battery, since the reading values ​​will be the same. We can now use the Steam Big Picture, which some program like xBattery, that the battery values ​​will be false.

The only way to check the remote’s battery is to do it from the Bluetooth devices section, where, as if it were headphones, we can see how much we have left. It is not the best solution, but it is the only one.

Microsoft always gives one of lime and one of sand

At this point in life, nothing surprises us. We know perfectly how Microsoft works and how it does things, and it is always important to first correct totally unknown errors that have not affected anyone but that an engineer has detected before solving basic problems, going around the house, that affect all users with a control of their consoles.

We hope that, in the end, Microsoft will fix these problems, either through a firmware update for the Xbox controller, or through an update of the Game Bar. Otherwise, no matter how much Direct Storage or Auto HDR Microsoft brings us , the most basic thing when it comes to playing, which is knowing the battery that the remote has, it will still not work.

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