Xbox Series X will finally have a 4K resolution Dashboard

Xbox Series X and S improve the quality of your Dashboard

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The user interface of any operating system, application or product itself is much more important than most users think. Partly because it serves to make the user understand that he is in front of something new, better, more capable …

That is the idea why, for example, with the jumps in versions of operating systems such as Android, iOS, Windows or Mac, the redesign of its interface is so important. Because it helps to tell the user that they are in front of a better product.

However, that with the launch of Xbox Series X did not happen and the company kept the same control panel or Dashboard as Xbox One. The reason for this decision seemed to be justified by the experience that the company had with the jump from Xbox 360 to Xbox One, since many users were so used to this interface that they comment on many errors and had problems at the beginning.

Of course, despite that justification that may be more or less understandable, what was more difficult to defend was that for both Xbox Series X and Series S, especially for the first, the Dashboard resolution remain Full HD. Because this console allows you to play at 4K resolution and most users connect them to 4K UHD televisions or monitors. Therefore, the quality of certain elements and especially the letters was not as desired.

With the new 4K Dashboard for Xbox Series X It will not only improve the sharpness, but also the legibility of the texts. So along with other novelties that will arrive like the dark mode, the user experience will finally be the gratifying thing that is expected from new generation consoles.

4K resolution and night mode

The new 4K Dashboard for Xbox Series X arrives after a few days of knowing the new dark mode which will also be introduced with the next console update. So the improvement when using that control panel will be important, especially when the console is used at night, poorly lit environments or directly with that “dark Mode” that many users like so much for day to day. .

The question now is to see if the Dashboard resolution change on the Xbox Series S also applies. Something that we think will logically be the case, because even if the S Series games do not reach that 4K resolution, the console is technically capable of getting a 4K video signal. So the interface would also be improved when it was in the Dashboard.

In addition, having an Xbox Series S connected on a 4K screen is also the most common. So it would not make sense for the resolution to remain in Full HD on that console. For now, to test this Xbox Series X 4K Dashboard you must be registered in the Insiders program.

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