Xbox turns 20 and will celebrate with a special event: Date, time and what to expect

Throughout 20 years, Xbox has managed to position itself as one of the most recognized brands in the video game industry thanks to its innovative consoles, video games, but above all, for the entertainment and experience it provides to all gamers who they use their products.

The next Monday, November 15 Xbox will celebrate, in a big way, the twelfth anniversary of the launch of the original console, accompanied by a special event.

What do you expect from the event?

Although, it has been said that there will be no video game releases, but a retrospective of everything that has happened in the company, the event is expected to be full of surprises and many epic moments that will take us back to the beginning of the century.

It is intended to be something fun and to attract Xbox fans, in addition to this, it seeks to have a social connection, seek inspiration and also education since, according to what the company has said, video games are capable of building ties between people as well as important bridges between them, all this is detailed in depth in the article that the company has uploaded.

Something that fans want to see at this celebration is a new trailer Halo infinite, something that has not been confirmed by Xbox, since there have been some rumors that mention that at some point in November this is a reality, so it is speculated that they will take advantage of this celebration to show something of this video game saga.

Finally the company has emphasized that it is a special celebration for xbox and also for all the games that are about to come to Game Pass in the last months of the year, in addition to the upcoming arrival of titles such as Age of empires IV, Forza Horizon 5 among others.

The same day will be fulfilled 20 years since the launch of Halo, so it is also likely that this mythical character will make his appearance in this celebration. It is expected that in the next few days there will be more details about this event.

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