Xbox will include a night mode. How does it work?

The next Xbox update will include a new mode in the settings panel called “Night mode”, which will allow us to adjust the behavior of the console when we play with it at night. And it is that in the same way that the night mode helps reduce visual fatigue in mobile phones, the new Xbox Series X and Series S want to offer these aids as well.

Xbox night mode

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At the moment the function is only available to those users who are within the Xbox beta program, especially for those who are part of the Alpha ring. The version of the system to download is XB_FLT_2109CO22000.2139.210804-2200, and it will be this update that incorporates a new option within the Preferences section within the console’s configuration panel. This new version of the system includes a large number of fixes, but it is the new function that takes the full role.

With the name of Night Mode, this function will allow users to adjust the lighting and the way in which the screen responds in terms of brightness to avoid glare that could for example disturb someone who is sleeping in the same room, or also not influence your rest when you go to bed.

What can be adjusted in night mode?

The new night mode includes a large number of settings, and although they may seem silly to you, surely more than one user gets a lot of benefit from more than one setting. The details that we can define are the following:

  • Set a schedule so that Night Mode is activated automatically. We can also define that it is activated and deactivated with the dusk and dawn of your area.
  • Adjust the Brightness of the screen and the blue light filter to reduce the stimuli in our brain and thus sleep better. This is something that continues to be quite controversial, as some studies claim that this is not really the case. Either way, the screen turns more orange, and that’s just what you can adjust.
  • It may also lock HDR. You already know that the HR effects suppose very striking flashes of brightness, so you can also deactivate the HDR.
  • Another setting affects the control knob, and is whateel Xbox button may reduce the intensity of its light until you turn it off if you prefer. This is something I personally like, as the strong light can be annoying at times.
  • Also with the same intention we can adjust the intensity of the light of the console power button, because if you prefer, you can turn it off completely and avoid that light that stays on.

When can night mode be configured?

As we have mentioned, at the moment the function is only available to members of the Xbox Insider program, so we will have to wait until an official update appears definitively with all the changes.

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