Xbox’s new Elite controller is cheaper and has a secret function

For some time now, a good number of gamers have decided that their future lies in becoming professional players, of those who go to compete in tournaments Call of Duty, FIFA above all, and who are trying to make their way with aspirations within eSports. And to do it with guarantees, nothing like having a gamepad in your hands with a special finish and absolute control precision.

The second generation arrives

The point is that Microsoft already moved in that direction in 2015, when it put its first Elite model on the market. for the Xbox One of the time, taking advantage of the launch of Halo 5 Guardians for which the Americans had reserved the creation of a scenes own competitive where, to achieve the best results, it was going to be necessary to have in your hands the most precise and best built gamepad of all.

Now, following that trail, Microsoft has been encouraged to revitalize the range with the new Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 to take advantage of it in its new Xbox Series X | S, which maintains the line of the first but retouching certain aspects that will surely make it a small object of desire. Among other things because of all the elements it offers, one of those that have benefited over time is the price. And curiously downward.

Although in essence the control is practically the same as the first of the Elite, an essential aesthetic modification must be highlighted: the Xbox button we can use it with the color that we most want, and that has a huge catalog of more than 16 million different tones. Now, we already know that just for that reason it doesn’t pay to buy a controller with these characteristics… but it helps.

Xbox Pro Controller.

More and better game profiles

This Elite Series 2 controller retains some of the original’s most celebrated features, such as the grip calibration of the sticksthe possibility of fine-tuning the greater or lesser pressing of some buttons, the installation of cams on the back and, in addition, configuring everything by storing specific profiles for each game. In this way, we have in our hands a device capable of offering us competitive superiority that we cannot achieve with the normal versions of these Xbox controllers.

Obviously the price justifies the higher quality of each component of the gamepad, as well as the extra spare parts that it brings and that are used to adjust the touch of buttons, crossheads and sticks to what we are going to require in each game. The latter is key, because now it’s easier to create profiles for each title and store them so that they load automatically without having to repeat the process with each game we play. This is surely one of the most striking features of this model and what has made the Elite range a benchmark for many players who are always looking for excellence, such as playing with their consoles at 120Hz, for example.

Now, don’t we say that the price has dropped? Yes, curiously, in the midst of this panorama of growth in all products, Microsoft has given us the good news that buying this Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 controller will cost us only $129.99, that is, practically the same in euros.

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