Xerox will donate the Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) to SRI International

Last Monday Xerox announced that it would donate the Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) to SRI International, the independent non-profit research institute located in Menlo Park, California, United States, which has developed countless cutting-edge technological advances.

With this donation, SRI International would join a leading research institution to strengthen its development and growthand in order to be able to offer new innovations around its own offers of printed, digital and information technology services. Two R&D leaders who will combine their efforts to advance and accelerate science and technology to change the world.

Xerox PARC Research and Development

Xerox was born in 1906 in Rochester (New York) as a paper and photographic equipment factory, under the name of The Haloid Photographic. It would be in 1970 when the Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) was founded as a research division, naming itself by then as Xerox PARC. Over time the company has contributed to developments in the hardware and software industrywhich have helped him achieve worldwide recognition.

Until now located in Palo Alto (California), Xerox was established as an independent company in 2002, and has pioneered various advances in the technology sector such as the Ethernet standard, laser printing, the graphical user interface, ubiquitous computing or the modern personal computer.

In this regard, Naresh Shanker, CTO of Xerox and President and CEO of PARC, stated that at PARC they have brought together the most talented and creative scientists and engineers of all timewhich have allowed the work team to develop the most impressive solutions in technology, science and innovation.

For its development, the American company invested more than 100 million dollars in different projects, with which it has been a reference point of inspiration for the new technologies developed in the 1970s and 1980s. Today, The company continues its work of innovation to offer technological solutions digitally driven and customer centric, in view of satisfying the needs.

An agreement that opens doors to the future

The Palo Alto Research Center grant agreement, reached between Xerox and SRI International It will mean new opportunities for both companies, who see this union as a way of growth and progress towards the future.. The Palo Alto Research Center grant will bring world-class talent to SRI International, bringing more than 1,000 scientists and researchers to its workforce.

For more than 80 years, SRI International has led the discovery and design of products, technologies and industries, collaborating with technical and scientific disciplines and bringing innovations to the market. The advances achieved by SRI International have come fully into our lives, such as the creation of Arpanet, Siri or cancer treatments.

The executive director of Xerox, Steve Bandrowczak, spoke about this corporate alliance, indicating that ‚Äúthis decision allows both Xerox and PARC to focus on providing innovations and solutions that align with their own strengths and capabilities. With this agreement, PARC’s profound technology innovations will be sustained by SRI while enabling Xerox to simplify and streamline its operations and focus solutions on the continued evolution of hybrid work.”

Bandrowczak also added that PARC has been at the forefront of the most important technological developments in the world for more than half a century, something that was corroborated by the executive director of SRI International, David Parekh, who declared that the company he represents and directs and PARC , have contributed to the development of many of the most relevant innovations in recent decades.

Regarding the signed alliance, Parekh stated that they are “delighted to welcome PARC’s world-class talent to our team and launch a new chapter together offering innovative technology to the world and continue to collaborate with Xerox in the future.” SRI International will thus be able to strengthen its research capabilities in technological areas of great strength such as computational design, computer vision, and artificial intelligence.

Innovation and Technological Exploration Program

As part of the agreement reached by both companies, Xerox will sign a preferential research agreement under the name of Technological Exploration and Innovation Program. In said study, SRI International will provide contracted research and development services to Xerox and its customers..

The program was created to identify the subject areas relevant to Xerox’s core business of print, digital and information technology services in order to create proofs of concept and roadmaps for implementation.

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