Xiaomi 12S: smartphones with Leica sensors will be unveiled on July 4, 2022

Xiaomi’s 12S series will be made official very soon. The brand has announced the date of the presentation in China. This is July 4, 2022 at 7 p.m. local time. Three smartphones are expected at this event: the Xiaomi 12S, 12S Pro and 12S Ultra. The 12S series will be the first to benefit from the partnership between Xiaomi and Leica at the photo module level.

xiaomi 12s date formalization

All the rumors said it: Xiaomi will unveil new smartphones in the coming days. And it’s not about Redmi or Poco, but high-end products for its eponymous brand. The leaks evoke a 12S series, to replace the 12 series released at the beginning of the year (and of which you can find the complete tests here for the Xiaomi 12 and there for the Xiaomi 12 Pro). This new series would consist of three products : 12S “classic”, 12S Pro and 12S Ultra.

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Today, Xiaomi confirmed the arrival of new smartphones on its Weibo account. The two images that form the montage at the top of this article come from this account. And you can find out when the phones will be detailed in China there. It’s about July 4, 2022. Or early next week. The conference will begin at 7:00 p.m. local time. Or 1 p.m. in France.

The three Xiaomi 12S will benefit from the new partnership with Leica

The messages that accompanied them confirm several pieces of information. First of all, there will be three smartphones on the scene. The 12S, 12S Pro and 12S Ultra. So there is no longer any need to ask questions. You can also guess them on one of the official visuals. In the center should be the 12S Pro, on the left the 12S Ultra and on the right the classic 12S. Below, you can find a visual of the 12S Pro posted by leaker Ben Geskin on Twitter.

xiaomi 12s date formalization
Credit: Ben Geskin

Other information, the Xiaomi 12S will be the first smartphones from Xiaomi to benefit from the partnership with Leica which has benefited Huawei so much. The presence of a photo module optimized by Leica had already been mentioned by several leaks. The 12S will be based on the same positioning as the 12: a model high end small size. The 12S Pro aims to be the master stallion of the photo in 2022. And the 12S Ultra simply covets the top of the photophone rankings. Remember that the Mi 11 Ultra is positioned 3rd in the DxOMark ranking.

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