Xiaomi, Amazfit, Huawei and other large screen fitness trackers

For a long time, the activity wristbands they differed from smartwatches by size. Most of them were minimalist, and some didn’t even have a screen. Little by little, the market demanded more complex products, and as a consequence, the screens grew. Currently, the line between smartwatch and fitness tracker is very thin, but the differentiation can still be made. If you are looking for an activity bracelet and want to have one large screenthese are the best proposals:

Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Pro

Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Pro

When it comes to fitness trackers, we can’t help but mention the brand that started it all. This bracelet has been growing generation after generation. A few weeks ago, the Chinese company presented its new oversized variant of its Smart Band series (formerly known as Xiaomi Mi Band).

The Smart Band 7 Pro has a generous 1.64 inch screen with technology always-on-display. It also has heart rate measurement, oxygen and breathing monitoring during rest to detect sleep apnea. It can monitor about 110 sports and has a fairly sober design.

Amazfit Band 7

Amazfit Band 7

With a considerable increase in size compared to the previous generation —and a number that has been skipped to match the competition—, the Amazfit Band 7 arrives with a design very similar to the rest of the proposals that we are going to see, taking great care of its aesthetics. It is a model with autonomy of 18 days120 sports modes and a revolutionary PeakBets system, capable of measuring our conditions at all times during training.

The Amazfit Band 7 is capable of measuring oxygen, heart rate, stress, sleep, and even naps. It has the alexa integration and it promises to notify you of any anomaly it detects in your body while you wear it on your wrist.

Huawei Band 7

Huawei Band 7

With a design that fits the eyes quite well, Huawei’s commitment to the activity bracelet market in 2022 goes through this device that is just 9.99 millimeters thick and has a good screen. It is a device without Borderswith two weeks of battery life per charge and two days of use with a 5-minute quick charge.

As for its capabilities, the Huawei Band 7 has the TruSeen 4.0 system, capable of measuring blood oxygenation and heart palpitations. In addition, it also has TruSport, a companion in our training routines that will be able to measure our resistance and recovery capabilities.

Fitbit Charge 5

This device is practically a miniature smart watch. It has several technologies that are present in the high range of Fitbit devices, such as the EKG or EDA sensor to measure stress. This fully focused on healthas it is capable of monitoring sleep, the activity we do daily and also sports.

The Fitbit Charge 5 is substantially larger than its predecessor, with better finishes and a more interesting display. It is not a cheap device, but it is really complete.

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